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Compliancy Group: Achieving Compliance through Self Auditing

Marc Haskelson, CEO, Compliancy GroupMarc Haskelson, CEO, Compliancy Group
As more and more organizations in the healthcare sector embrace national standards for health care transactions and security, the need to abide by compliance standards has grown. For the healthcare sector, The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data. However, businesses often lack the understanding and requirements of being HIPAA compliant. “One of our differentiators is that we spend a lot of time with our clients educating them on HIPAA compliance, giving them the necessary insights tocomply with the multiple components of HIPAA,” begins Marc Haskelson, CEO, Compliancy Group. Leveraging their strong background from the field of compliance, Marc along with his partners spurred the inception of Compliancy Group providing tools to simplify compliance allowing clients to focus on their business. “We have addressed the complexities in compliance enabling everybody from a practice manager up to an auditor to effectively work together to maintain compliance.”

With privacy, administrative audits, asset management and sight audits fitted into a single solution, Compliancy Group’s compliance tool, The Guard addresses all the requirements stipulated by federal law. The Guard tackles any organizational need to comply with the complex healthcare, financial, and government regulations. Every employee using the tool is notified of his specific tasks and procedures predefined according to his or her role in the organization. “The Guard is not a tool designed merely for administrators, it is designed for the entire company,” explains Haskelson. Once the users log in, they are trained about the HIPAA compliance standards through the ‘compliance coach’ that guides them through the entire self audit process helping them identify all the gaps and build remediation plans.

The Guard is not a tool designed merely for administrators, it is designed for the entire company

“It utilizes a logical workflow that offers control of the assessment process and day-to-day administration of the compliance effort.” With the help of Managed Service providers (MSPs), The Guard empowers clients to solve the issues related to compliance. Further, users can keep track of their documentations and version control including document’s date of expiry and revision. “We enable organizations to achieve, illustrate and maintain HIPAA, HITECH, and Omnibus compliance in a unified, easy to use, cost effective solution,” substantiates Haskelson.

The company ensures maintenance of compliance on an ongoing basis for businesses. Even though the software can be deployed intuitively by the users, its compliance coach feature guarantees all regulatory requirements are fulfilled. The tool offers universal compliance tracking whereby users can input any regulatory act such as ISO. Additionally, the company not only helps clients comply with HIPAA, but it also enables them address security challenges. Compliancy Group’s ability to train and educate the users about HIPAA compliance through their tool, eliminates the need of expensive resources for training related to compliance. A number of organizations have benefitted from Compliancy Group including Genelex, Business Continuity Services of Texas, and Apex Technology Management.

Forging ahead, Compliancy group is focusing on expanding its footprint internationally and has already started expanding in Puerto Rico, Canada and are advancing towards Europe as well. Adding to this, the company also plans to invest heavily in strengthening the relationship with its partners especially MSPs. “We are building new programs to help our partners to develop compliance as a service into their offerings and concentrate on other markets as well,” concludes Haskelson.