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CompuGroup Medical: Shifting the Paradigm of Healthcare Practice Management

Werner Rodorff,  CEO, CGM U.S. & Senior VP,  North America , CompuGroup MedicalWerner Rodorff, CEO, CGM U.S. & Senior VP, North America , CompuGroup Medical
The arena of healthcare has undergone drastic changes. The population has shot up, conditions we encounter have evolved in regards to their identity and complexity. The healthcare industry continues to tirelessly address whatever challenges come its way irrespective of the pressure mounting on top of it; burgeoning patient demands, stricter regulations to name a few. Amidst this chaos we have partially ignored the fact that although different, like its counterparts healthcare too requires oiling for uninterrupted, smooth functioning. CompuGroup Medical, a Phoenix based eHealth provider with its state of the art IT solutions aims at easing everyday functions of the industry carving out time and space, allowing healthcare personals to engage the patient population more effectively.

The percentage of physicians spending more than one day per week on paperwork accounted to 70 percent in 2014; procedures like prior authorizations, quality mandates are increasingly consuming time, leaving healthcare providers with lesser time to engage patients resulting in reduced financial returns. Taking toll of this, physicians giving up practice or joining larger hospitals is becoming common. CGM CLINICAL, a fully-integrated practice management (PM) and electronic health record (EHR) solution offered by the CompuGroup takes care of important documentations, such as patient health records, reports, billing information, placing all at one place. The solution any Healthcare personnel to manage patient flow effectively with a complete overview of practice from registration to check out, assess the progress and accuracy of claims process and obtaining real-time reports on key financial and clinical measures. Audits by federal government or individual states can take place up to 10 years after a patient’s treatment and this requires extensive documentation along with secure archiving. CGM CLINICAL emerges as an efficient facilitator for this cause.

The firm’s CGM DAQbilling, a web-based solution is a convenient, easy-to use and a cost-effective billing and payment processing software that offers secure access to financial data anywhere, any time.

Our Meaningful Use and ICD-10 enabled products allow users to securely store, exchange and access important clinical and financial insight anytime and anywhere

It can cater small to mid-size medical practices, billing services and laboratories minimizing their operational costs and improving revenue. Its “pay as you go” model takes expenditures like per-physician or per-workstation licensing costs out of the equation, requiring payments based only on the number of claims created each month. Complemented with features such as a fully integrated scheduler, comprehensive report library, electronic patient statements, a filter for errors the solution scales the mettle as a convenient solution for all the billing and payment processing needs.

The healthcare industry is witnessing a demand for IT solutions which can cope with evolving healthcare delivery and provider reimbursement models. CGM ENTERPRISE adapting to this evolution enhances diagnoses thereby reducing the occurrence of errors. It features restricted user access, frequent data back-up and a real-time audit trail to safeguard patient data. CGM ENTERPRISE’s versatility is exhibited in ways an organization can combine modules, adapt templates and streamline features to meet its unique workflow.

In its arsenal of innovative PM solutions the firm also has CGM webPRACTICE which is a set of powerful webTools that provide specialized solutions such as code scrubbing, eligibility verification, document management and more.

It is an unequivocal prediction that in a few years mankind would enter a post-antibiotic era where it will be a struggle to cure infectious diseases. Bracing for that day, it is imperative that our healthcare providers are in a position to dedicate themselves to a cause that focuses on delivering healthcare and not documenting them. CompuGroup Medical finds itself at the forefront of this changing landscape helping healthcare do what it is really meant to do.