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Janet Dillione CEO, Connect AmericaJanet Dillione CEO, Connect America
The convergence of access to connectivity, better user interfaces, and advanced technologies have dramatically changed the face of the healthcare industry over the years. Today, the cost of healthcare in the United States has reached sky-high. To reduce the rising costs, the policymakers and the payers are shifting emphasis to healthcare quality than quantity. They are also focusing on performance by reducing hospital visits, and ER visits, which are changing the way healthcare providers, are operating now. As the government introduces various policies and financial models where they reward good performers and penalize bad performers, healthcare providers are looking to leverage advanced technologies to achieve better outcomes while reducing costs. To align with all these aspects, organizations need a dynamic technology vendor as a partner who can offer tools that support the policies, reduce costs, and deliver the outcomes that everyone desires.

That’s precisely where Connect America steps in with their Saas powered remote patient monitoring (RPM) technology, ConnectVitals. The company provide their healthcare partners with a digital in-home solution that collects and analyzes patient health data in real-time while providing actionable information for healthcare providers to triage and treat their patients faster, thus reducing hospitalization and improving outcomes. “Our groundbreaking solutions bridge the gap between individuals and providers, allowing them to monitor thousands of patients remotely and deliver a better, more comprehensive connected health experience,” says Jim Reilly, Vice President of Connect America.

The cloud-based ConnectVitals is specifically designed to be extremely user-friendly from end-to-end, while seamlessly getting practitioners critical real-time patient vitals data and alerts that can consistently make the difference between an at-home, independent patient and one needing to be readmitted to the hospital—or potentially worse.

Built as a hardware-agnostic system, ConnectVitals allows healthcare providers to use it on multiple user interfaces like PC, tablets, telephone, IVR solution, and the like. “Our solution is not married to any single vendor or technology, and we are always looking to harness newer advances or versions in the technology to provide a better patient experience,” states Reilly.

Our groundbreaking solutions bridge the gap between individuals and providers, allowing them to monitor thousands of patients remotely and deliver a better, more comprehensive connected health experience

The ConnectVitals platform also includes new Bluetooth-enabled technologies, allowing auto-syncing of devices quickly, and vital signs monitoring devices that are customizable for each patient’s treatment plan and directly integrate with a healthcare provider’s systems. Besides, ConnectVitals also offers remote nurse triaging as an optional module that enables healthcare providers to reap the full benefits of RPM without having to revamp their entire remote care platform.

What’s more, as a part of their overall connected health services, the Connect America team also educates patients, chronically ill people, and the like about their health so that they can have more self-directed care and be more independent. The company also trains healthcare providers on the deployment and proper use of the medical devices to stay abreast of new industry trends and regulations and effectively respond to alerts and emergencies. The team also offers insights on the best RPM practices to improve patient outcomes.

Having been in this industry for over 35 years, Connect America has a proven success rate in helping several healthcare providers in increasing their efficiency, patient experience, and delivering better outcomes. A client testimonial sums up Connect America’s prowess in offering best-in-class remote patient monitoring systems. One of Connect America’s clients faced challenges in collecting and validating healthcare claims data. By deploying ConnectVitals in their organization, they were able to analyze patient data and witnessed 50 percent in-hospital readmission reduction, and 60 to 65 percent reduction in inpatient hospital admissions, thereby saving over 1 million dollars on claims. The organization was able to keep its total spend with the insurance company or the government by a little higher than 50 percent.

For the road ahead, the company is continually innovating and adding new ways to address the most pressing issues associated to individuals and healthcare providers. “We are soon launching a wearable product that will be much less restrictive than that of the existing interface,” says Reilly. “And, we are spending a lot of time and energy on ways to integrate Artificial Intelligence and building analytics to further better our solutions for our providers and their patients.” The company is further aiming to create solutions that will be more personalized and can be better predictors of downward trends in the health of a patient, to reach them faster and deliver better care.

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Connect America

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Janet Dillione CEO, Connect America

Connect America is proud to be the nation’s largest independent provider of personal emergency response systems (PERS). With a full suite of reliable connected health solutions offered directly and through our more than 1000 healthcare network partners, we improve the quality of life for hundreds of thousand of individuals and their caregivers every-day. At Connect America, we believe that “connecting is caring,” and our mission is simple: To ensure that our customers reap the vital and, at times, life saving benefits of living in a connected world. Our healthcare division offers a growing portfolio of leading PERS, remote patient monitoring and medication management solutions. Our expertise, innovation and commitment to service make us the ideal partner for home healthcare and Medicaid agencies, hospitals, drugstore chains and other healthcare organizations. We are proud to deliver cutting-edge healthcare technologies to patients and individuals across the country everyday