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Conversa - New Frontier: Automating Healthcare Conversations

West Shell III, Chairman, Co-Founder & CEO, ConversaWest Shell III, Chairman, Co-Founder & CEO, Conversa
It’s no secret that a good communication strategy is the key to patient engagement, and is the foundation to run an effective and high-performing health system. However, the busy lives of both patients and their care teams make it difficult for the communication to take place. At the same time, patients as consumers have a growing expectation for convenience in accessing key health information. Especially in the case of chronic conditions that account for a larger percent of healthcare costs, the need for scalable communication methods between patients and doctors is now more important than ever. This has led to healthcare providers seeking advanced automation technologies for effective patient engagement. On the contrary, technology for a personalized experience as expected almost seems impossible; this is where Conversa’s Conversation PlatformTM is creating a difference in the market. Their technology enables healthcare providers to automate the important communication with patients, delivering highly personalized conversation experiences that enable efficient monitoring and management of entire patient populations.

Driving a personalized conversation experience relies on a patient profile, informed with a wealth of data that is collected and well analyzed. To that end, Conversa’s browser-based SaaS platform integrates with and collects relevant patient data from over 400 biometrics devices, existing clinical systems like EHRs, care management platforms, and more. Once a digital conversation is enabled, an informed, relevant conversation experience is delivered to the patient. “The conversations are dynamic and evolve with the increase in data generation that happens through our digital checkups, as a result of which no two patients receive the same conversation. These conversations are highly personalized,” says West Shell III, the CEO and co-founder of Conversa. As a robust and scalable platform that can be integrated with an existing care management platform, Conversa offers great flexibility, enabling patients to connect via text, email, or through the provider’s patient portal.

Conversa is an AI company disrupting healthcare in a big way.” – Juniper Research

A true pioneer in the field, Conversa is enabling automated clinically-intelligent conversation programs, which is one of their unique deliverables. To improve the way patients and care teams communicate around several key health experiences like chronic care management, patient education, and scheduling appointments, Conversa has an extensive library with more than 50 clinically-intelligent conversation programs for various medical conditions that include COPD, CJR, and diabetes. “The system has over 50 different ways of saying “hello” to start a conversation, and there are more than 300 conversation modules that can be used across the a patient population,” adds Shell. The scalable platform also has authoring capabilities that can be configured by care providers, enabling them to decide the right information to be communicated to the right kind of patients and through the relevant channel.

Another differentiator for Conversa is their ability to generate real-time patient data, which is then integrated into the existing clinical workflows, enabling the care teams to receive timely information on the status of patients and address those patients that need immediate attention. Conversa is focused on broadening its library in order to develop better conversations and engage different kinds of populations.

Shell believes that, alongside building great products, it is essential to get the right partners to work with and the right teams to execute the vision. As a serial entrepreneur who has worked with several teams, he believes the Conversa team to be the most experienced and talented to work with. The impressive list of digital health investors including Northwell Health—one of the largest health systems in the U.S.—HealthGrades, and Allscripts, promises the team’s efforts to achieve the vision of enabling efficient patient engagement faster. With its principle of “Better Conversation. Better Care,” Conversa envisions its system to be the only one-stop-shop platform for providers to utilize for every type of communication with their patients.