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CORAnetTM Solutions: Delivering Secure, Interoperable, Mobile PHR

Cora Alisuag, President & CEO, CORAnet™ SolutionsCora Alisuag, President & CEO, CORAnet™ Solutions
When it comes to individual healthcare professional and patient levels, certain barriers still exist. Health information in general are stored at multiple sites where physicians and patients retrieve all related health information; this distributed nature of the network makes it cumbersome to reach across organizational boundaries and interface with numerous EHR systems. Furthermore, the augmented proliferation of mobile devices and consequent need for interoperability and security only makes things challenging. Enter CORAnet™! By enabling patients to reach across organizational boundaries and agnostically interface with EHR systems, the firm’s servers provide a pass-through of information for the patients without actually storing any medical information in the process, thereby ensuring security.

The CORAnet™ Interoperable Personal Health Information Exchange empowers patients with mobile on-demand access to their Personal Health Information (PHI) acrossfour integrated applications, namely CORALink™, CORAVault™, TeleCORA™, and WearaLink™. CORAVault™ is the central CORAnet™ application that provides secure access to consolidated and organized medical data and stores a patient’s PHR. It is built around simple, robust concepts that are designed to deliver the best user experience without compromising data integrity, data safety, access control, and versatility. “Once a user has established a profile, their EHRs are downloaded from source systems via the cloud, encrypted (256 bit), and stored on the phone’s standard storage,” adds Cora Alisuag, President and CEO of CORAnet™. The data can be accessed only after the owner has been identified indisputably by the CORAnet™ server. Once unlocked, the data is immediately available for selection via the menu-driven CORAnet™ GUI. If a network connection to the patient’s device is available, the updated EHR from the source database will be automatically synchronized with the user’s stored data every 24 hours.

CORAnet™’s mobile solutions deliver immediate added value to healthcare providers seeking to qualify for Meaningful Use incentives

The firm endows emergency services through the CORALink™ application. With a single click of the icon on the mobile device, first responders can access life-saving information that saves precious seconds, thus saving lives. At the same time, the application also sends messages—SMS and email—to three points of contacts notifying them of the occurrence showing the GPS coordinates of the location of an emergency. On the other hand, TeleCORA™ is CORAnet™’s telemedicine platform which allows providers to treat patients remotely via their mobile device; WearaLink™ analyzes and integrates biometrics data from wearable devices including fitness gear and medical wearables, with a user’s CORAVault™ to support low-cost, comprehensive real-time healthcare status monitoring.

With their end-to-end mobile solution, CORAnet™ primarily targets payers, ACOs, hospitals, EHR companies, and large corporations and ensures their adherence to the Meaningful Use mandate to provide every American, secure access to their medical information. “CORAnet™’s mobile solutions deliver immediate added value to healthcare providers seeking to qualify for Meaningful Use incentives and for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) who are engaged in risk contracts with the federal government to hold down per capita healthcare costs and improve outcomes,” adds Alisuag.

2017 has been an extremely successful year for CORAnet™ so far. The firm has emerged as a successful, cloud-based mobile technology solution provider, offering first responders, doctors, and individual patients 24/7 secure access to Personal Health Records (PHRs) and has won the 2017 North America Frost & Sullivan Award for Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership award! Observing the traction that the firm has received in the last two years, it is safe to say that CORAnet™ is at the forefront of EHR interoperability through the mobile Personal Health Information Exchange.