Corepoint Health - Healthcare Information Exchange Solutions/Service Company

Corepoint Health: Facilitating Seamless Exchange of Health Information

Despite the extensive availability of secure electronic data transfer, most of the medical information is stored on paper at various medical offices and patient premises. Storing vital information in this manner could result in medication errors, readmissions, and redundant testing. Health Information Exchange (HIE) provides the capability to electronically send clinical information between disparate health care systems. “HIEs also have the potential to save costs by increasing productivity and avoiding duplication of medical procedures,” begins Phil Guy, CEO, Corepoint Health.

Founded in 1997, Corepoint Health encourage health organizations to use an integration engine to provide a simplified approach to internal and external data integration and HIE for radiology centers, clinics, hospitals, and laboratories.

Corepoint Community Exchange’s centralized monitoring approach is enabling health care providers to securely reach remote facilities and manage patient data interoperability. Users are able to expand and scale the connected care community with secure and agile web services, eradicating the need for expensive Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). “Its unique approach extends interfacing functionality to locations where security barriers or VPN usage issues prevent normal transmission of messages,” explains Guy.

Implementing Corepoint Community Exchange as a remote connectivity entity of the integration platform decreases IT burden and budgets. “Our collaborative approach enhances integrated healthcare, streamlines workflows, and optimizes operations,” concludes Guy.