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Bilal Hashmat, CEO, CureMDBilal Hashmat, CEO, CureMD
The medical, financial, and administrative processes in a care center are quite complex. Establishing and running a successful medical establishment is not an easy task. The staff wears several hats simultaneously, tackling a lot of issues like financial, legal, technological, and administrative. The workload is vast and if an employee calls it a day, the results can prove to be disastrous for the medical institution’s workflow. Automating processes, eliminating communication barriers, and reducing staff workload, while enhancing practicing productivity manifold are very arduous. Improving care quality, safety and efficiency while reducing cost, engaging patients, managing chronic disease as well as complying with the latest regulations and performance benchmarks are some of the major challenges in this arena. At the forefront of addressing these challenges, CureMD optimizes practice management and drives results for medical establishments. “With powerful functionality and a flexible architecture, CureMD’s enterprise practice management solution eliminates redundant processes and unnecessary overheads, improving transaction speed, service quality, capacity, and profitability,” states Bilal Hashmat, CEO, CureMD.

The All-in-One Cloud platform integrates Electronic Health Records (EHR) with practice management, patient portal and iPad app to personalize care delivery, increase patient safety, and minimize costs for medical practices of all sizes. The company’s practice management software suite is not just a billing solution; it is a comprehensive, web-based solution for care delivery organizations to enhance the value of services to patients. The increase in reimbursements, compliance requirements and empowering the practice with administrative as well as financial tools is the prime prerogative of this software. “CureMD Practice Management Software is HIPAA compliant, ICD-10 ready, and cloud-based, providing you secure, anywhere access to your practice,” affirms Hashmat. All of the patient’s appointments can be booked and the patient history and demographics be completed online according to predetermined parameters.

CureMD Practice Management Software is HIPAA compliant, ICD-10 ready, and cloud-based, providing you secure, anywhere access to your practice

Additionally, patient insurance eligibility data like co-pays, deductible amounts, and co-insurance can also be verified. “Patient documents can be scanned and archived to maintain a consistent database,” says Hashmat. The personalized dashboard helps provide ongoing visibility to every aspect of the practice. “Our solution supports both unique clinical approaches and specialty workflows with a range of features including customizable templates, document imaging, custom forms, flow sheets, clinical decision support, patient education, clinical voice recognition and a lot more.”

Integrated credit card processing allows physicians to electronically accept payment from self-pay patients. “You can capture, scan, and attach paper charts, clinical images, photographs, x-rays, audio files, and medical drawings directly into the electronic chart or through integrated Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) for complete, accurate, and up-to-date information availability,” states Hashmat.

For instance, Yassin Pediatrics was in need of incorporating health information technology based systems, as they looked for an affordable and scalable system. CureMD assisted Yassin Pediatrics and helped the client save significantly on operational expenditure by implementing completely paperless practice management software. Training was provided on-premises and there was no need for any additional staff after adopting CureMD, which turned out to be a huge success.

Moving ahead, CureMD plans to expand its ICD-10 training to physicians. The application landscape is completely new with many changes in the application’s user interface. “CureMD products like EHR, Practice Management, and CureConnect Clearing House will be upgraded,” states Hashmat. CureMD has also built a Mapping Utility that considerably automates this process for medical practices.