Priorities to Drive Functionality of Pediatric EHR

Priorities to Drive Functionality of Pediatric EHR

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Pediatric patients have unique requirements for effective and safe care delivery which is no different in the case of implementing electronic health record (EHR) or other health IT tool. With a focus on the pediatric population and medication cases, there is a need to identify specific types of EHR usability. Pediatrician and clinicians who care for children have a particular need for health IT that help them provide the highest quality care for children. The following are priorities to increase the functionality of pediatric EHR.

•  Every pediatric EHR system should include the ability to use pediatric age-specific norms for weight and height, body mass index, head circumference to analyze and display growth percentiles.

•  A pediatric EHR system must have the capability to compute the drug dose based on appropriate dosage ranges

•  Ability to document guardians and caregivers and caseworkers with contact information for each.

•  The pediatric EHR should provide users segmented access to information to keep information about minor consent services private and distinct from other content of the record, that is it is not exposed to parents/guardians without the minor’s authorization.

•  Synchronizing immunization history received from Immunization Information Systems (IISs) or other Health Information Exchanges (HIEs).

•  A pediatric EHR system must provide medication dosing decision that detects a drug dose that falls outside the minimum-maximum range based on the patient's physical parameters.

•  A mechanism to enable access control that allows a transferable access authority including address change in the guardian, child reaching age of maturity and more.

•  Mother's demographics should be associated with the newborn.

•  A functional EHR system should track the completion of recommended health supervision visits delivered according to the recommended periodicity of visits.

Child health care providers need to be sure that pediatric functions, terminology, and data precision are built into the above standards to make their systems more effective in enhancing the health of children and make all EHR systems more useful in patient care.

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