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CyberMed: Creating the Ultimate Online Healthcare Experience

Malak Atut, VP of Operations, CyberMedMalak Atut, VP of Operations, CyberMed
Nearly a decade ago, a majority of the doctors in the U.S. were managing patients records manually that were later stored in color-coded files, which gave way to the overuse of paper, not to mention they were susceptible to physical damage and increased the risk to a patient’s privacy and security. In 2009, when the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act was signed into law to promote meaningful use (MU), it profoundly increased the adoption of EHR. Around the same time, Dr. Jinpin Ying, a healthcare IT expert who was working at a Federally Qualified Health Center in the state of New York, realized that he had the ability to build a more effective EHR platform than the ones available in the marketplace. This led to the creation of CyberMed, and later with valuable inputs from medical experts and business executives; Dr. Ying created a proprietary EHR system.

With the rising demands from clients, the team went on to create a revenue cycle management and a telehealth platform that improves the healthcare experience for physicians and patients alike. “Our systems are wholly owned and interoperable. Clients can use our telehealth system as a standalone as well as integrate and interface it with their EHR platform,” says Dr. Ying, the president and founder of CyberMed.

CyberMed’s telehealth platform, CDOC is a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based solution that creates a virtual waiting room for patients, where they can immediately see a doctor or schedule an appointment for a visit in the future. Dr. Ying emphasizes the efficiency and ease CDOC provides for a patient’s care without them having to take time off of work to travel to a doctor’s office when sick and wait in a waiting room for routine check-ups and prescription refills.

An added benefit for healthcare providers is the platform’s capability of adding notes from their dictation, which allows them the convenience of using the application from any device, any location, and any time. Furthermore, CDOC provides instant electronic prescriptions that enable physicians to diagnose a patient and send prescriptions to the pharmacy without having to change programs. Additionally, the assurance of an interoperable system that can be integrated into healthcare systems and a patient’s comfort in using the visual access and chatting feature of CDOC is moving the concept of virtual care in a positive direction and toward further expansion.

Clients can use our telehealth system as a standalone as well as integrate and interface it with their EHR platform

In addition to their telehealth platform, CyberMed provides intelligent IoT wearable devices that can track a patient’s blood pressure, heart rate variability (HRV), the autonomic nervous system (ANS), and more. Patients with higher risks or co-morbidities keep these devices at their homes at the request of doctors or insurance companies. These devices monitor and send patient information to the EHR systems empowering both the medical providers and the patients to make better choices in real time.

Dr. Ying elaborates on the benefits of CDOC through an example, where a kid falls sick on a trip with his parents. Being in a foreign city, the parents are hesitant to go to an ER, which would have been costly, time-consuming, and stressful for them. Fortunately, their physician, through CDOC was able to diagnose the child and assured the parents that the situation could be apprehended with periodic fluid intakes. The platform proved a great sense of comfort for the parents as it was their doctor who was overseeing their child’s care even though they were far away from home.

“I believe we will continue to deliver integrated and thoughtful solutions to our clients as well as focus on finding the areas that are the pain points for our clients through our ability to work with them on closing those challenges,” concludes Malak Atut, the VP of operations at CyberMed.