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Mac McMillan, President, CynergisTekMac McMillan, President, CynergisTek
In today’s healthcare compliance landscape, organizations contend with cyber attacks, health information breaches, and medical identity thefts targeted at confidential healthcare information. Healthcare organizations are on the lookout for effective security and data management programs that meet state and federal standards to identify potential exposures and appropriately address cybersecurity risks. With close to two decades of experience in healthcare compliance, CynergisTek, a cybersecurity and information management firm, is uniquely positioned to address evolving pain points with an array of specialized solutions. CynergisTek has focused on helping healthcare organizations achieve their privacy, security, compliance, and document management goals.

Leveraging a wealth of experience in healthcare compliance, CynergisTek’s executives and top-notch consultants are committed to assisting healthcare organizations across the compliance spectrum. CynergisTek’s solutions portfolio spans privacy management, cybersecurity, audit, vulnerability, and compliance management amongst improving operational efficiencies.

Referring to one of the most pressing challenges in healthcare, Mac McMillan, president of CynergisTek says, “During our interactions with numerous healthcare organizations, many admit facing a lack of skilled resources to meet regulatory and compliance challenges.” CynergisTek’s managed solutions that include staff support and compliance assist partner program (CAPP) services effectively bridge the skill gap by augmenting the organization’s internal staff with experienced/certified resources. “CynergisTek’s advisory and staff support services are designed to provide the additional expertise that is needed to execute effective programs,” elucidates McMillan.

As part of it’s managed service, CynergTek’s consultants spend a considerable amount of time listening to customers, understanding their requirements, and appreciating the client’s challenges and objectives.

CynergisTek’s advisory and staff support services are designed to provide the additional expertise that is needed to execute effective privacy and security programs

Subsequently, they conduct a baseline security and privacy assessment, meaningful use reviews, periodic technical testing of customer’s environment and finally provide planning around remediation and support, and most recently have added a SaaS solution to allow their clients to automate managing remediation.

To demonstrate compliance and protect sensitive protected health information (PHI), CynergisTek offers a managed privacy monitoring solution. CynergisTek employs a team of privacy executives, privacy officers and privacy analysts to manage and monitor the customer’s privacy environment, using the client’s patient privacy tool. The patient data is analyzed to ensure adherence to the organization’s privacy policies and procedures with respect to regulatory guidance and industry best practices. CynergisTek also facilitates organizations to verify and validate their privacy and security programs through audit solutions that are designed to meet their compliance and business objectives.

Furthermore, CynergisTek’s managed vendor security management solution helps healthcare providers to understand how their vendors manage PHI entrusted to them by the hospital. This allows hospitals to evaluate and monitor vendors on a regular and ongoing basis and hold them accountable for any remediation requirements. CynergisTek’s team of analysts uses their SaaS solution again to give clients a fully managed solution.

CynergisTek is there when adversity strikes. Their clients have around-the-clock access to its team and support. For example, one of CynergisTek’s clients suffered an unfortunate ransomware event. Within minutes, CynergisTek had consultants in communication with the CIO and staff. Within hours, CynergisTek had its consultants on the ground to help manage response and recovery efforts and had senior executives assisting the health system’s staff with compliance requirements. Afterwards, CynergisTek’s consultants continued to support with resumption and remediation activities.

In the long run, CynergisTek looks to develop a regional support center model to enhance the support extended to customers for implementing robust security programs and to be able to provide rapid response to its client needs. “Our aim is to augment our partnership with healthcare organizations further by providing the resources and solutions, not just the services they need to achieve mature privacy and security programs,” concludes McMillan.

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Mac McMillan, President, CynergisTek

CynergisTek is a top-ranked cybersecurity firm dedicated to serving the information assurance needs of the healthcare industry. The enterprise offers specialized services and solutions to help organizations achieve privacy, security, compliance, and document output goals. Since 2004, the company has served as a partner to hundreds of healthcare organizations and is dedicated to supporting and educating the industry by contributing to relevant industry associations. Some of CynergisTek’s key offerings comprise strategy and governance, managed security services, compliance and risk management, technical security management, secure network infrastructure, and design, technology selection, it security audit, information security, InfoSec program development, document management, and workflow automation solutions