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Sam Munakl, CEO, CytekSam Munakl, CEO, Cytek
The synergy of cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance forms the backbone for healthcare provider security. The cybersecurity facet is ever more relevant to smaller providers as they have fewer resources to invest in cybersecurity than larger entities. Implicitly, providers consider themselves to be too small to be affected and don’t take cybersecurity seriously; quite contrary to the reality as attackers exploiting this indiscretion find them an easy mark. Catering to private practices, Cytek delivers the same grade of HIPAA compliant enterprise level security, a vital aspect in protecting both patient and provider, at a much more affordable price.

The main challenges for clients are twofold—cost and ease of use. Cytek understood this aspect early on and has designed its product to be easy to use without compromising on security. “A lot of thought and consideration went into its development encompassing a team that has worked in the medical field and knows it is possible to make it work,” says Sam Munakl, CEO of Cytek. Cytek holds client data in high priority and from an ethical standpoint believes in protecting patients while making the solution practical and easy to use for physicians. This is accomplished with Cytek Safeguard™ which assist providers formulate a detailed plan to avert all possible cybersecurity risk or threats. Cytek Safeguard™ ensures that providers have their HIPAA documents organized and performs a full assessment of their cybersecurity status, examining how it is at risk and whether it is in compliance with HIPAA or not. Providers are also equipped with e-mail encryption and chat to protect communication data.

IT and cybersecurity are completely different, so it not sufficient to have just one IT specialist and presume security from attacks—IT is not cybersecurity

Cytek Safeguard™ doesn’t just do the assessment, but also performs full remediation, points out all vulnerabilities within the network, and applies the necessary fixes. Furthermore, Cytek also facilitates a full online HIPAA training and certification course for employees.

Cytek’s functionality was employed by a client, who over the years had tried several different services for HIPAA training, document management, and encryption. Trying to manage each vendor and understanding how differently each operated not only became difficult but also very expensive. Using Cytek Safeguard™, all features were organized in one portal; and the client cut costs by more than 50 percent. In the end, it wasn’t just about cost saving, it was peace of mind for the client in knowing that they have a team of trained experts behind the scene supporting them.

Cytek has added an e-mail cipher chat to communicate patient data securely and are just a few weeks away from releasing hard drive encryption software. Cytek’s goal is to provide cybersecurity solutions that help healthcare providers protect their patient data and maintain compliance. They also stress that they are not trying to solve just one problem, but are working towards delivering a holistic solution that provides 360-degree protection via a single portal.

Cytek encourages clients to have a specialist look into their system and make sure that they are protected within their IT department. Munakl has a Master in Cybersecurity from The University Of Maryland and experience in cybersecurity spanning over a decade and has worked with some of the largest hospitals in this field. Drawing from this experience, Munakl concludes, “IT and cybersecurity are completely different, so it is not sufficient to have just one IT specialist and presume security from attacks—IT is not cybersecurity.”

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Sam Munakl, CEO, Cytek

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma Cytek is revolutionizing cybersecurity with products and services that proactively prevent, rather than reactively detect the execution of advanced persistent threats and malware. Cytek offers Security Compliance, Assessments and Audits, Strategic Security, Penetration Testing Services, Vulnerability Scanning & Assessment, secure mail, HIPAA Compliance, HIPAA, cyber Security, Cytek, and Email Encryption & backup. The company helps small and medium-size companies around the world defend themselves against Cybercrime, reduce their risk in the connected world, comply with regulation and transform their operations. Their technology is deployed on over four million endpoints and protects hundreds of enterprise clients worldwide, including Fortune 100 organizations and government institutions