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DarkMatter2bd: Insights-Driven Healthcare Innovation

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The origins of DarkMatter2bd go back to 2012 when Vince DeChellis and his business partner, Jim Manousos, set out to leverage their expertise in healthcare by delivering data-driven insights. The lack of data knowledge, shifting healthcare landscape, the varying needs of stakeholders and a plethora of regulatory compliance requirements in the pharmaceutical industry combine to slow down the movement of drugs through the R&D pipeline to the market. In the view of DeChellis and Manousos, access to data is the answer. As ‘dark matter’ is a mysterious phenomenon to astronomers, similarly, “Vast sums of healthcare data remain mysteriously undetected, inaccessible, and does not reflect the light of the growing universe of life science data,” begins DeChellis.

Employing an immense volume of healthcare data, DarkMatter2bd helps shorten clinical trial study time by improving the targeting of physicians and their patients who may qualify for clinical trials. To accelerate this process, the firm has developed a state-of-the-art healthcare analytics solution—MedFuse Clinical—that provides detailed insights based on specific criteria, such as medical claims diagnosis, procedure, and patient volume while allowing universal access by end-users through its easy-to-use dashboard.

With over a petabyte of healthcare data in DarkMatter2bd's cloud, the firm has embedded a portion of that data in a business intelligence software provided by their Pennsylvania-based partner—Qlik. As opposed to traditional BI software, Qlik’s BI tool incorporates more comprehensive features that provide a greater degree of actionable insights pertaining to billions of medical claims for over 250 million patients seen by over 1.6 million physicians and other health care practitioners over 8 years. Moreover, the integration of Qlik’s BI tool into DarkMatter2bd’s solution helps cater to clients’ specific business objectives, faster and with more accuracy.

Aside from biopharma and life sciences companies, clinical trial research organizations (CROs) and patient recruitment organizations are major beneficiaries that employ pre-integrated data to identify the qualifying patient population for clinical trials.

Further, the multi-faceted solution includes 40 years of physician, educational, medical training, relationships, peer networks, affiliations, publications, and CMS Physician Payment Sunshine Act data. Additionally, the platform offers a sophisticated disease filter that provides the right set of patients meeting trial protocol criteria, thus helping reduce time and costs incurred in patient recruiting and trial timelines. Having partnered with enterprises like Qlik, DarkMatter2bd has taken healthcare analytics to the next level. At the core, what differentiates DarkMatter2bd is their ability to provide key insights into the patient population and their care providers in real-time—all of which can be accessed from a web browser.

A multitude of healthcare institutions are already using DarkMatter2bd’s data analytics solutions to address their clinical challenges. One such company is Doximity which is a ‘Linked-In’ for healthcare professionals, connecting them on a single platform where they can interact, discuss and share information. Initially, Doximity had challenges growing their user base and had only 65,000 physicians in five years. After incorporating DarkMatter2bd’s data, their membership has grown to over one million Healthcare Providers.

At the core, what differentiates DarkMatter2bd is their ability to provide key insights into the patient population and their care providers in real-time—all of which can be accessed from a web browser

Committed to continuous progress, DarkMatter2bd looks forward to an exciting future and is constantly seeking more data to add to their proprietary database. Currently, the firm’s presence is limited to the U.S. since access to medical claims data is restricted in most other countries owing to privacy requirements. However, the firm is figuring out ways to expand their footprint to other countries. “We are focused on reaching out to clients that are having a hard time solving clinical problems with our data-driven analytics solution,” concludes DeChellis.
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Doylestown, PA

Jim Manousos, Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist and Vince DeChellis, Co-Founder & Principal , DarkMatter2bd

DarkMatter2bd provides a proprietary database, MedFuse, with sophisticated real world information, planning, and resources for life science and health care. A business intelligence cloud-based platform allows quick decision-making and end-users access to a broad spectrum of apps for research and marketing purposes. DarkMatter2bd graphs health care data sectors that convert them into manageable information using customized analytics and visualization instruments. The relations between health care providers, professionals, and clinical data combination to provide insightful information to help customers achieve their R&D and business goals in a rapidly growing HIT communications provider ecosystem