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DataBank IMX: Integrating Electronic Solutions in Healthcare Information Life Cycle

Scott Griffith, VP of Healthcare Solutions, DataBank IMXScott Griffith, VP of Healthcare Solutions, DataBank IMX
Aggregating and normalizing all data generated from laboratories, medical prescriptions and different Electronic Health Records (EHRs) on a single platform is important to improve patient care. Addressing this need is DataBank IMX, a Pennsylvania based information services firm that provides best-in-class end-to-end healthcare document management solution to electronically manage patient’s healthcare records from a single platform.

DataBank’s EMR integrations solutions assist hospitals in faster indexing of patient’s document, increase content capturing speed, and decrease manual entry errors. The solutions help in eliminating the needs of switching between the programs and screens to find the required data along with revamping user adoptions and easing transition to new software. The solutions also empower healthcare organizations in management of Non-EMR contents like pathology reports, clinical records, hand-written notes, EKGs, scope images, and faxes by integrating in patient’s file to provide all information at one place. They also can be integrated with current ERP systems and diagnostic centre to remove information silos and ensure free and secure flow of information between different departments. The solutions also enable automatic compilation, scanning, indexing, and verification of patient’s record irrespective of the format.

In addition, DataBank improves the way of patient financial service management by handling Explanation of Benefits (EOB) documents and patient registration easily and effectively. Their patient financial services solution controls EOBs from insurance providers and stores them in a secure central portal after verifying, scanning, and indexing. Later, healthcare providers can quickly and efficiently provide that information to patients and insurance providers. The patient registration solution reduces possibility of manual errors and ensures fast and accurate patient care from outset.

We typically like to work with our customers to understand their processes and challenges to build a best-suited automated healthcare document management solution

It automatically updates patient record in real-time to eliminate need of manual entry. The features like digital signatures, automatic remainders and user-friendly visuals ensure complete and accurate capturing of patient record.

DataBank focuses to improve the current processes used by healthcare organizations and provide one complete electronic record to ease out finding and viewing information. “We typically like to work with our customers to understand their processes and challenges to build a best-suited automated health-care document management solution,” explains Scott Griffith, VP of Healthcare Solutions, DataBank. The company involves persons from nursing department, physicians, and administration to plan and implement best EMR solution for the organization.

In one instance, DataBank IMX helped New England Home Care (NEHC), a home care services provider, in simplifying the business process by eliminating paper-based billing system. The firm was facing challenges in maintaining the paper-based billing system, streamlining the process of capturing nursing notes and timely mentioning time sheet information in billing system. It was affecting their working time and accuracy and also increasing the operational cost. DataBank worked with NEHC in analysing the flow of their documents. Later, they implemented an automated solution that helped NEHC in scanning documents at remote offices and instantly transmitting them electronically to the central office. DataBank’s solution expedited NEHC’s billing process, improved accuracy, reduced labour and provided a fast access to the nursing notes, and timesheets.

DataBank is fostering its innovative technology and industrial expertise to build creative, agile, and productive healthcare solutions. In the days to come, the firm focuses on increasing its wide array of products and services and adding advanced technological improvements to existing platform.