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DATAMARK: Smarter EDM Services for Streamlined Data Processes

Bil Randag, President, DATAMARKBil Randag, President, DATAMARK
Nowadays, nearly every organization prefers a paperless work environment and is adopting document management systems. However, in the healthcare industry, the adoption of electronic document management is confronting certain operational challenges such as data vulnerability, regulatory compliance, and high implementation costs. DATAMARK efficiently addresses these technological challenges through its flexible document processing and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) services. The company provides version control and audit trail by designing comprehensive document management system to review the changes in healthcare data and documents.

DATAMARK, an El Paso, TX based company, is engaged in providing document management services such as document processing, digital mailroom, and other ECM services for digitizing structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data in the healthcare sector. As a part of ECM, the company manages and tracks the various electronic data formats and scanned images of each department in healthcare organizations through electronic document services. DATAMARK also performs back file conversion tasks through its modern workflow process. It ensures secured access to the documents through password prompts at the time of access.

Apart from document management services, DATAMARK delivers disaster recovery, call center, finance, and accounting services through Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions and off-site as well as on-site solutions. Consequently, it improves business performance through its expert outsourcing services at cheaper costs. “As more businesses look to the outsourcing model to reduce operating expenses and improve process efficiencies, our ability to hire innovative and experienced executives is crucial as our business model continues to scale,” says Bill Randag, President, DATAMARK.

The company assists healthcare payers and providers in reducing administrative costs as well as turnaround time and boosting their customer service.

We assist healthcare payers and providers in reducing administrative costs as well as turnaround time and boosting their customer service

Known for its professionalized services, many healthcare organizations outsource their business processes to DATAMARK. It has been working with various Fortune 500 healthcare and insurance companies to process all kinds of healthcare documents, for reducing customer complaints and enhancing efficient data handling. “Our global team is available round the clock to make sure that the information you need is there when you need it,” states Randag.

The company facilitates quick data processing and ensures utmost accuracy. In the case of a Fortune 100 health insurance provider, DATAMARK was approached for an absolute solution to process the mass of claims it received daily. The client was also required to transform one of its existing mail centers since it was not meeting the workflow requirements. On deploying DATAMARK’s automated digital mail center platform after conducting a thorough business engineering and process engineering analysis, the client was able to perform automatic capture and classification of customers’ data. This resulted in increased speed, quality, and data accuracy as well as enhanced customer care at reduced data processing cost of about 20 to 40 percent.

For the future, DATAMARK is planning to improve its product features and services to serve more number of customers across the world. “Our focus has been to build a strong company for our employees, clients, and communities,” adds Randag. The company recently launched a customer contact center service in Juarez, Mexico to provide customer support to a top U.S. rebate fulfillment company. “We continue to broaden our spectrum of global business services for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and other large enterprises with high-skill, high-complexity business services,” concludes Randag.