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DaVincian Healthcare: Affordable and Accessible Healthcare for the Underserved

Theodore Waz,  President & CEO, DaVincian HealthcareTheodore Waz, President & CEO, DaVincian Healthcare The growth of telemedicine is transforming care delivery throughout the healthcare continuum. With smartphone applications and web conferencing, a radiologist in Massachusetts can now review digital images from a patient in Mexico and form a diagnosis in a matter of minutes. According to a report by Research and Markets, the global telemedicine market, including hardware, software, and services, is predicted to grow at an annual rate of 18.4 percent from 2014 to 2020. “However, despite innovative technology advances, when it comes to delivery of care via remote systems such as telemedicine, there exists dis-integration between new tools and existing systems, which leads to ineffective communication. This breakdown can be solved by a platform approach to all clinical workflows,” states Theodore Waz, President & CEO, DaVincian Healthcare. Recognizing telemedicine as an effective adjunct to meet present healthcare needs, DaVincian Healthcare offers a convergent platform which integrates artificial intelligence with a HIPAA-compliant mobile text and video communication service.

Reimagining Healthcare with Telemedicine

Founded in 2014 by Michael Liberty, with the financial backing of Wellington Management Company, DaVincian’s leadership aspired to have a more substantial influence on the world of healthcare. Recognizing immense potential in mobile solutions, today DaVincian leverages telemedicine to improve healthcare access and clinical outcomes in underserved areas. The company’s cloud-based platform operates as a central integrator of medical apps and peripherals, combining rich functionality and intelligence for an innovative solution delivery. “We have created a five product set— Revenue Cycle Management solutions, DaVincian Connect, an artificial-intelligent virtual assistant called AiVA, our eHealthyFamily platform, and telemedicine services that are stacked together and designed to interface with other product extensions, according to client requirements,” says Waz.

The Revenue Cycle Management solution suite (referred to as “RCM” in the industry) delivers real-time actionable intelligence that empowers organizations to analyze, manage, and automate the entire healthcare revenue cycle for optimized financial outcomes. DaVincian Connect is a secure communications application that simplifies the coordination of care. With DaVincian Connect users can easily exchange patient information, submit medical orders via text or video, and improve patient care workflows, leading to reduced hospital readmissions.

Since DaVincian's main goal is to optimize how patients, payers, and providers engage with one another in a global healthcare ecosystem, AiVA interacts with these parties in realtime, conducting everything from triage to prescription reminders. “In the case of some of the poorest regions in the world, our technology serves as an interactive healthcare virtual assistant, improving clinical outcomes while reducing costs,” states Waz. AiVA facilitates transmission of information through video communication, which helps monitor vital stats and track progress, all in real time.

Intelligently Connecting the Healthcare Community

With an aim to better connect a doctor, patient, family, and pharmacist, DaVincian's eHealthyFamily solution lets patients and family members monitor and track health markers and prescription notices, sharing this information with medical professionals. “Billions of dollars are lost in revenue every year in the U.S. alone because of prescription abandonment, and our eHealthyFamily solution can improve patient adherence to medical advice, through health records, mobile device integration and better communication,” says Waz. The company also partners with Mozido, a provider of digital commerce and payment solutions to offer discounts on purchases, which encourages a patient to go to a store and pick up their medicine. Moreover, in support of a community-based solution, DaVincian is collaborating with HelloDoctor24x7, a healthcare helpline, to set up kiosks with Artificial Intelligence Agents (AIA), powered by AiVA, in rural areas of India. HelloDoctor24x7 is a low-cost web application that provides patients with easy access to quality healthcare professionals in remote areas.

"In the case of some of the poorest regions in the world, our technology acts as a virtual assistant and intelligent agent, improving clinical outcomes while reducing costs"

For instance, Odisha, one of the less privileged states in India, has numerous community centers which serve as the perfect nexus for providing healthcare access to the underserved. Today, any individual from a rural area in Odisha can reach out to an AIA–whose natural language processor is programmed in the local dialect to facilitate easy exchange of questions and responses—ultimately leading to a diagnosis of the condition. In Odisha, the use of AIA will provide accurate and updated information to patients, circumventing the way medical advice is often given in rural India—by untrained individuals who lack access to modern medical standards. Based on this interaction, the AIA is capable of escalating the call to a doctor and setting up a web meeting. “So far we have provided healthcare services to more than 100,000 people in Odisha who previously had no access to care, and we will also be implementing our service in Mexico, Canada, and Australia in the days ahead,” says Waz.

Effective Collaboration for a Healthier World

Always looking at avenues to expand their capabilities in telehealth, health records, and artificial intelligence, DaVincian collaborates with key strategic partners to constantly enhance the accessibility of healthcare.

In the next five years, the company's aim will also be to reduce infant mortality rate and develop more nimble, collaborative, and focused solutions

“We work with Pathway Genomics, a medical diagnostic company, and combine their product on genetic profiling with machine learning, for better health choices,” says Waz. DaVincian also collaborates with top educational institutions, as well as a unique partnership with PNC Bank that expanded their revenue cycle management client base. Moreover, DaVincian formed an alliance with the American College of Occupational Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) to develop innovative healthcare solutions in the corporate sector. DaVincian's acquisition of GuIf-HRA, a healthcare financial services and analytics company in the Middle East, further reinforces the company's commitment to expand their capabilities in the global healthcare ecosystem. Gulf-HRA's clinical documentation, coding, and billing solutions are designed to achieve accurate outcomes in a measurable and repeatable way and furthered DaVincian’s footprint to the Middle East.

The key behind DaVincian's success is the company's leadership team. “Our in-house experts and partners have led major divisions of some of the largest healthcare and technology entities in the world, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, UnitedHealth, Aetna, IBM, Cleveland Clinic, Cerner, Emdeon, the United Nations, the United States Department of Defense, and First Lady Michelle Obama’s Building Healthier Communities initiative.”

Unlocking a New Future

Moving forward, DaVincian will continue to enhance their platform and their next major step will be to build an eHealthyHome: reducing opportunity costs and creating partnerships with companies who provide smart home appliances, security, and other services. “Through our predictive capabilities and the continuous stream of health-related data, we can help people reduce the costs of custodial care by getting ahead of the digital healthcare curve,” says Waz. In the next five years, the company's aim will also be to reduce infant mortality rates and develop more nimble, collaborative, and focused solutions based on medical evidence and clinical best practices. Since 85 percent of the world's population is covered by commercial wireless signals, DaVincian will continue to strengthen their partnership with mobile carriers to deliver life-saving ambulatory care, manage chronic medical problems, and solve undiagnosed health issues. “In the end, the greatest technology is meaningless if it cannot practically support medical practitioners to deliver the best healthcare around the globe. We, at DaVincian, will continue to bridge the gaps in healthcare by making it more sustainable and affordable and delivering hope globally,” says Waz.

- Sandeepa Majumdar
    April 19, 2016