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The healthcare delivery space is undergoing a phase of what can be termed as, “incredible transformation”. Every new day brings with it a new healthcare delivery solution, technology or startup that challenges basic assumptions about healthcare, leaving no option for experts but to believe that these approaches will only result in better outcomes for patients. One such company is Demandforce—a firm that helps the players in the healthcare space to attract new clients and retain existing clients through proven marketing methods using its cloud-based software.

Demandforce’s automated marketing technology platform provides customized marketing and online services that help practitioners streamline business operations effectively and create a brand image.

Demandforce help our clients to build their market, get more patients at the office and grow at a scale that they seek to

Demandforce is driven on a mission to eliminate the impediments in the field with an all-around marketing solution that removes the communication gap between practitioners and their patients. With its reputation management software, the firm helps practitioners with patient recall and reactivation capabilities. The company helps clients to build their market, get more patients at the office and grow at a scale that they seek to.”

Demandforce’s cloud-based software can be integrated with most practice management systems. It collects the stored data to automate the communications between the physician and the patients.

The system’s dashboard shows the practitioner a complete overview of upcoming appointments and helps to arrange their schedule accordingly. The rate of confirmations increases as patients receive timely appointment reminders via text, mail and voice messages.

After the treatment is completed, the platform automatically sends a feedback request to the patient and also conveys a message of gratitude to new visitors. The feedback that is collected and promoted on sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp helping to create brand identity and attract more customers. A physician gets to see the reviews in the Demandforce dashboard and also respond to those patients, helping to build excellent relationships and reputation.

For practices in preventive care, the intuitive Demandforce platform collects information from the database and identifies the history of visits by the patient and issues reminders for future visits. In one central hub, clients can view all new incoming appointments, confirmed appointments, unconfirmed appointments, and read reviews from around the web to make sure that the feedback they are receiving from their patients is accurate and consistent. The doctor can take the help of the software to send newsletters that inform patients about upcoming products and services and also educate them on the need for regular checkups.

Demandforce takes only an hour to onboard their platform and merges with an existing practice management software of the practitioner. The services team of Demandforce provides necessary training and guidance to their clients so that they can maximize the full potential of the platform and drive growth.

Going forward, Demandforce—a part of internet Brands—is looking to enhance its future offerings by offering client’s websites with SEO and SEM and fulfill marketing needs to reach their goals.

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Jonathan Tucker Des, VP , Demandforce

Founded in 2003, Demandforce helps small businesses thrive in the Internet economy. The Demandforce software-as-a-service application is used by thousands of customers to grow revenue, keep clients coming back, and manage operations more effectively. The company connects with its clients to over 100 million consumers via email communications, text messaging, and online services. Demandforce has achieved 26 quarters of over 80% year-over-year quarterly growth and is led by a management team with over a decade of experience developing and delivering web-based applications that drive real, tangible business value. The company's goal is to provide customers with an easy to use technology to help build stronger client relationships