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Dental Intelligence: Accelerating Growth in Dental Practices

Weston Lunsford, CEO, Dental IntelligenceWeston Lunsford, CEO, Dental Intelligence
In today’s competitive dental market, many dentists’ number one concern is attracting and retaining patients. For example, the owner of a high-performing dental practice in Florida noticed that their case acceptance percentage rate was flat. While there was a steady increase in their total number of patients, the percentage of treatments accepted by those patients had plateaued. As the owner was preparing to hire someone to create an expensive data-mining solution to try and resolve this problem, he learned about Dental Intelligence. After his practice completed the onboarding and training process, Dental Intelligence was quick to point out several key metrics in his practice that needed immediate attention, which soon led to a 10 percent increase in the practice’s case acceptance rate. Dental Intelligence’s platform, Practice Intelligence, facilitates real-time access to the information necessary for the dental practice to work on and provides an accurate view of present and future opportunities to cater to more patients and boost revenue.

This example represents Dental Intelligence’s prowess in helping dentists and their teams improve the performance and value of their dental practices. “The cost to acquire new patients is high, and it is also very costly to retain them,” says Weston Lunsford, CEO of Dental Intelligence. He added that, on average, only 40 percent of these patients have their next appointment scheduled. Many new and existing patients also cancel or don’t show up for appointments. Unless another appointment is scheduled immediately, patients may miss out on needed treatment. Practice Intelligence manages the relationship between the patient and the practice with its focus on three main areas—patient care, team collaboration and practice profitability. It equips practices with instant data analysis and enables actionable insights.

Dental Intelligence’s powerful web-based Practice Intelligence platform makes the practice’s data a crucial part of its daily decision-making process. This HIPAA-compliant dental analytics platform displays relevant metrics on intuitive dashboards and empowers employees to make data-driven decisions that not only improve patient care but also increase the bottom line of the practice by delivering actionable, relevant recommendations to grow the practice. Dental Intelligence’s team performance tracker also measures the effectiveness of individual dentists and the overall practice in providing treatments to patients.

One of the most popular features of the Dental Intelligence platform is their Morning Huddle. This tool provides key performance metrics from the previous day as well as insights about the day’s scheduled patients and practice trends. Additionally, Dental Intel’s auto follow-up feature keeps track of the number of unassigned or outstanding follow-ups. It also provides detailed information regarding the number of patients and the estimated value of these treatments.

Dental Intelligence’s powerful web-based Practice Intelligence platform converts a dental practice’s data into a crucial part of its performance and profitability

“We reach out to potential customers through our sales executives, who access the practice’s data and offer them a no-cost practice analysis that enables them to see how they benefit from our platform,” says Lunsford. Dental Intelligence synchronizes with their practice management system to get real-time data and gives detailed statistics on patients accepting treatment options, its estimated value, the number of scheduled appointments and hygiene-related data, as well as many other important insights into the overall performance of the dental practice.

Dental Intelligence provides a cloud-based deployment and integration process, following which each new customer undergoes five scheduled training sessions to ensure full implementation. Lifetime support is also included at no additional cost. Dental Intel’s mobile app is available on both iPhone and Android systems, and simplifies the usage of the platform, while its extensive support network aids in troubleshooting. With its rapid growth rate and the value it provides to its customers, the future appears bright for Dental Intelligence.