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Dentalez: Redefining Dentistry With a 'Smart' Approach

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Heather Trombley, President and COO, DentalezHeather Trombley, President and COO, Dentalez Running a successful dental practice is no easy task! While a dentist might excel at providing patients with superior oral healthcare, it is easy to get caught up in the complicated and time-consuming day-to-day operations. To provide better experiences for patients, dentists need to bring innovation into their clinical practice and make processes simpler, more accessible, and streamlined. This is where new technological advancements play their part in improving the efficiency of a dental practice, ultimately impacting patient satisfaction. From diagnostics, taking impressions, design restoration, and fabrication to 3D imaging and beyond, the latest technologies help advance every aspect of dentistry.

However, maximizing the benefits of today’s innovations requires dentists to be knowledgeable about what’s available and possible and how to best apply it. Having a partner like DENTALEZ, who is committed to providing superior solutions to everyday challenges in oral healthcare by uniquely combining innovation in value-based products and outstanding customer service and support, can make all the difference. The Malvern PA-based medical devices company provides dental professionals with cutting-edge products that improve their efficiency and enhance their practice. Heather Trombley, president and COO, DENTALEZ, says, “Our prime mission as a dental equipment manufacturer is to innovate around ideas that make the practice of dentistry easier and more efficient.” Today, the company stands as a pioneer of smart dentistry with over 100 years of experience. With top-level customer service and support, DENTALEZ has securely established itself as a trusted partner in dentistry, providing a full line of front-to-back office solutions from well-known brands for interconnectivity, choice, and control.

Putting the ‘Smart’ in the Practice

At the core of every Aeras product from DENTALEZ is its Aeras smart technology, a new IoT product platform that supports the company’s mission to address real, everyday challenges in dentistry. Products within the Aeras platform enable the collection of critical data, sharing information, and streamlining standard-of-care processes, creating an environment of superior patient care and practice efficiency that is critical to managing a dental office. “Simply put, by leveraging the Aeras technology, we are redefining what smart means in the practice of dentistry, allowing dentists and their staff to truly set a new standard of care,” adds Heather. Notably, with the platform’s introduction to the market, DENTALEZ came out with three major product launches: the Aeras 500 Elite Handpiece by Star, the Aeras Compressor by Ramvac, and the Aeras Vacuum by Ramvac. While the compressor and vacuum help address the equipment downtime issue, the handpiece is designed to minimize the time and discomfort involved in dental work.

What’s more? The new Aeras Intelligent Platform unlocks new possibilities for complete practice interconnectivity, giving the equipment something it never had before: a voice*. With the power to provide actionable information accurately, quickly, and conveniently, Aeras technology connects products to create actionable information from multiple data streams improving the operation and management of devices, which translates into a better experience for the patient.

Enhancing Dental Practice Operations

The mechanical room in the dentist’s office is where the vital equipment like the vacuum and compressor—often referred to as the ‘heart and lungs’ of a dental practice—are placed.

All in all, from the backroom to the operatory, our practical, proven solutions help dentists spend less time fussing with equipment and more time focusing on what they do best: providing great dental healthcare

Investing in a high-quality, reliable vacuum and compressor is crucial because if either of the equipment fails, the practice can be brought to a standstill. To that end, the new Aeras Compressor, which is enabled with cloud-based technology, offers active monitoring* with data streaming from embedded sensors. “The product’s ability to automatically detect potential issues before they arise and relay the diagnostic information to the right person at the right time helps prevent unwanted downtime,” mentions Heather. All information curated by the equipment can be accessed via a web browser on any device, along with the ability to remotely schedule when the equipment powers on and off*. The compressor’s dual desiccant dryer technology prevents harmful bacterial growth, and its rocking piston design provides quiet operation while doubling the compression ring lifespan and producing a peak of 100 percent continuous airflow. A high-pressure option is also included for practices that require extra operating power.

On the other hand, the Aeras Vacuum has embedded sensors that monitor conditions such as overheating or unwanted moisture. The system can forewarn staff and service teams of any issue, allowing for targeted diagnosis and service planning—all of which can be done remotely, improving service effectiveness and eliminating unproductive visits to the office*. In fact, the addition of Aeras takes the reliability of Ramvac vacuums to the next level, which were already quiet, energy-efficient motors that are 100 percent water-free. “We’ve taken proven smart technology and applied it to dentistry practice delivering mission-critical information at their fingertips at any time. This marks the beginning of the end of unplanned downtime,” enthuses Heather.

Simplifying Dental Office Efficiency

Another differentiating aspect of DENTALEZ is its new Aeras 500 Elite Handpiece by Star, which offers similar cutting-edge performance to that of an electric handpiece but with the often-preferred lightweight, ergonomic, and tactile feel of an air-driven unit. Packing industry-leading 39-watts of power in a traditional-sized head, the modern design of the Aeras 500 Elite holds exclusive patent-pending RFID technology that unlocks new possibilities for complete practice interconnectivity. When used with a compatible reader system, the Aeras 500 can automatically track handpiece usage, create verifiable sterilization records, and determine the location at any given moment. The new Aeras 500 Elite dental handpiece offers unprecedented power and is the only air-driven handpiece capable of cutting through the latest high-strength ceramic materials with confidence, safety, and ease. Besides, the lightweight handpiece offers balance and stability, fits all finger sizes, and easily navigates into posterior areas as cool-spectrum LED fiber optics illuminate the way.

The company’s offerings also go beyond the compressors, vacuums, and handpiece to include lighting, stools and benches, separation tanks, teaching aids, and other dental equipment and utility room devices. On top of that, DENTALEZ provides prompt, reliable services to help customers succeed. The company’s customer service teams, who are specialists with more than a decade of experience in the industry, are committed to being accountable, resourceful, and creative in building long-lasting relationships with customers and making a real difference in the practice of oral healthcare. “All in all, from the backroom to the operatory, our practical, proven solutions help dentists spend less time fussing with equipment and more time focusing on what they do best: providing great dental healthcare,” affirms Heather.

Changing the Status Quo of the Industry

Bearing testament to DENTALEZ’s value proposition in the healthcare landscape is its success story with a private dental practice in Houston, which utilizes much of DENTALEZ’s dental equipment. One of the significant aspects of DENTALEZ that the clinic admires is the equipment’s remote accessibility. There have been a few instances where the dentist, after a day of hectic work, forgot to turn off the compressor before leaving the clinic. Only after going home would the dentist realize her mistake. With DENTALEZ’s unique remote functionality, however, she was able to log in to the system from her phone and turn the device off. Through the application, she also automated daily activation and shutoff of the equipment by simply setting the required parameters. This meant, going forward, she never had to worry about forgetting to turn the system off at the end of the day.

"Our prime mission as a dental equipment manufacturer is to innovate around ideas that make the practice of dentistry easier and more efficient"

Notably, the company’s dedication to assisting its clients in solving problems stems from its knowledge-sharing attitude and people-centric mentality. DENTALEZ follows a distributed work culture; different teams across different locations work toward achieving the same goal. “It not only helps our employees better manage their work-life balance but also makes our businesses more resilient to potentially disruptive events and enables us to continue normal business operations in the face of a crisis,” remarks Heather.

For the road ahead, the company will continue to develop more smart products based on future use cases and requirements. Alongside, DENTALEZ will integrate new technologies into its products in order to enhance their capabilities and create value for customers. “We will evaluate our business and market opportunities with an eye on growth. It is really about using technology and innovation to streamline processes and make things more efficient,” states Heather. After all, for effective day-to-day running of a dental practice, businesses need adequate infrastructure and processes in place. With its state-of-the-art products, DENTALEZ is streamlining the entire oral health journey for both dentists and the patients. * Applies only if subscribing to monitoring service.

- Alex D'souza
    November 27, 2020
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Heather Trombley, President and COO , Dentalez

DENTALEZ® is committed to providing state-of-the-art dental practice solutions for unlimited interconnectivity, choice and control. A true dental pioneer, the company stands as an indispensable industry staple with over 100 years of experience. DENTALEZ provides real-life solutions for everyday challenges in oral healthcare through a unique union of advanced technical expertise and rich practical experience. With unwavering top-level customer service and support, the Company has securely established itself as a trusted partner in dentistry. DENTALEZ has a proven history of providing tried-and-true dental products and equipment, and continues to manufacture a full line of technologically-advanced front-to-back office solutions from well-known brands including Star®, Ramvac®, Forest®, Nevin and Columbia Dentoform®