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Miguel Giralt, CEO, Diagnostica LongwoodMiguel Giralt, CEO, Diagnostica Longwood
In 2020, the European molecular diagnostics sector was valued at USD 3.4 billion, and it is estimated to reach the mark of USD 7.79 billion in the next few years, witnessing a CAGR of 8.57%. To address such widespread and rapid development, the molecular diagnostics market requires distributors that are highly flexible and adaptable to new technologies. Additionally, with the new IVDR regulations, biotechnological companies will face more regulatory challenges in the future regarding assay development. Supporting such companies to leverage the latest technologies and improve their operational capabilities is Diagnóstica Longwood. The firm is a solutions provider for molecular biology, diagnostics, and research laboratories.

Since its inception in 1992, Diagnóstica Longwood has significantly grown every year and established itself as an industry leader in Europe’s histocompatibility and distribution market. The company offers diverse products for in-vitro diagnostics and research in immunology and transplant, hematology and blood bank labs, genetics, oncology, microbiology and pathology. Most of Diagnóstica Longwood’s commercial and technical operations have been centred on molecular diagnostics since 1992. With a vision to simplify diagnostics for its clients, the company provides all equipment necessary for performing assays. “We are as flexible as our customers need us to be and help them acquire the knowledge of the best technology in the market,” adds Miguel Giralt, CEO of Diagnóstica Longwood. Given that technologies go obsolete in a few years nowadays, Diagnóstica Longwood adopts a technologically agnostic approach and continuously evaluates nascent and enhanced alternatives, and helps its clients leverage them to attain the highest efficiency in their operations.

Diagnóstica Longwood provides its clients with the best and most efficient product in the market that comprehensively fulfils their requisites. Elaborating on the same, Giralt adds, “We create interdependent environments where different companies collaborate to develop and deliver the best solutions to the customers.”

We create interdependent environments where different companies collaborate to develop and deliver the best solutions to the customers

Owing to its customer-centric approach, Diagnóstica Longwood serves several biotechnological companies and public institutions that greatly appreciate its proactive approach to provide the latest technologies in the molecular diagnostics market. A public institution in Spain has been its client for three years now, and Diagnóstica Longwood has assisted them in enhancing its operational capabilities.

Due to infrastructural limitations, the client struggled with their sampling operations and could prepare only a few samples every week. Working closely with the institution, Diagnóstica Longwood helped them acquire modern and efficient technologies and trained its teams regarding their usage. With the installation of new instruments and automation systems, the institution, today, is able to perform thousands of samples. “We provided them with latest platforms and laboratory equipment to process as many samples as they needed. They witnessed improvement in less than two weeks which is incredible for a public institution,” adds Giralt. Today, the institution is one of the most significant molecular diagnostics labs, utilizing different products and techniques to achieve an optimal diagnosis for a large number of patients.

On account of its establishment in the Iberian region, over eighty-five per cent of Diagnóstica Longwood’s operations pertain to public tenders. The company also has a footprint in Latin America, where it plans to expand its operations and serve its molecular diagnostics market. Diagnóstica Longwood integrates new products in its portfolio every month and aims at continuing the same for years to come. In its latest endeavours, the company is developing the Longwood Academy, a cloud-based private environment where its clients will receive productrelated training. The users will gain access to learning material, explanatory videos and leverage Diagnóstica Longwood’s longstanding experience in the molecular diagnostics market. The company is currently working to integrate molecular diagnostic capabilities into mobile devices such as cellphones and tablets. As Giralt concludes, “The molecular diagnostic market is evolving swiftly. We will maintain our flexibility and technological agnosticism while broadening our product portfolio and assist our clients via all available means.”

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Diagnostica Longwood

Diagnostica Longwood

Zaragoza, Aragón, Spain

Miguel Giralt, CEO , Diagnostica Longwood

Diagnóstica Longwood offers its clients a wide range of products and technologies for in vitro diagnostics and research in Immunology and Transplant, Genetics, Hematology and Blood Bank laboratories, Oncology and Microbiology. Molecular diagnostics account for the bulk of the company's commercial and technical activity. Diagnóstica Longwood was founded in 1992, and since then, the company has been in continuous evolution. The company has a large team of highly skilled professionals who respond quickly and efficiently to their client’s requirements, both in the national region and abroad