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Divurgent: Redefining Healthcare IT Services

Colin Konschak, Managing Partner & CEO, DivurgentColin Konschak, Managing Partner & CEO, Divurgent Convenience, timeliness, value, and price transparency are on the healthcare checklist of the modern individual. Incorporating these qualities, healthcare IT has disrupted the healthcare industry, pushing it towards consumer-centric care. As a result, a boutique healthcare consulting with the core feature of customer-centricity is gaining momentum. Such healthcare consulting personalizes healthcare advice as per the healthcare provider’s resources, performance, and goals—to positively advance healthcare delivery exponentially. With the very client-focused and responsive features of a boutique consulting firm, Divurgent is a nationally recognized healthcare IT consulting company, founded in 2007. The company’s experienced hands-on team evaluates industry trends to align healthcare providers’ goals with the future market state. For the purpose, Divurgent provides complex and scalable services to healthcare organizations enabling them to achieve improved operational effectiveness, financial performance, and quality of patient care.

After centuries of limited healthcare options, today the needful utilize an array of healthcare delivery models such as telemedicine, online self-help, home health, concierge care, and more. A consultation with the required medical specialist is just a phone/video call away alongside care and medication delivery available right at the patient’s doorstep. Divurgent offers services synchronized with the digitally enhanced and qualitatively superior lives people enjoy today. The company empowers clients with the ability to access and utilize the healthcare provisions in the market today ensuring best results both for the provider and the patient. The company’s services comprise Implementation Services, Activation Services, Transformational Services, Strategic Advisory Services, and Financial Advisory Services.

"We want our employees, recruits, clients, prospects, and even our competitors to feel and believe!"

With their Implementation Services, Divurgent supports healthcare practitioners through every stage of implementation planning and readiness with end-to-end, peer-to-peer, plan-to-deploy services such as Pre-Implementation Planning, Leadership Development, IT Organizational Design, Upgrade SWAT Team, and more. These services focus on long-term system success, facilitate rapid benefits realization and system adoption, provide dedicated consultants, and focus on preparing people processes and technology for the changes planned for the client organization.

The Activation Services aim to plan, communicate and help organizations deploy financial and clinical technologies with Divurgent’s successful Activation Management methodology ‘Activate!’ The company’s Activation teams provide management, training, execution, and support for technology implementations.

The Transformational Services encompass strategic tools and planning methodologies to unlock the potential of healthcare practitioners’ investments to maximize their value and achieve durable organizational agility.

We firmly believe our Team is the driving force behind our successes

The Strategic Advisory Services enable health systems to best manage critical steps for long-term results through cutting-edge consulting services such as Healthcare Security/ Cybersecurity, Third-Party Consolidation, Cost Transparency, and other services customized for healthcare IT challenges.

The Financial Advisory Services use results-driven methodologies to help address current and future healthcare financial challenges. Benefiting the healthcare community’s profitability, these services improve, optimize, and transform areas such as supply-chain operations, revenue reimbursement, patient experience, eProcurement, and more.

These numerous services and their provisions are under the scrutiny and supervision of Colin Konschak, the CEO and Managing Partner of Divurgent with 20 years of rich experience in healthcare. His industry experience ranges from health IT, pharmaceuticals, provider and payer markets, to Accountable Care Organizations. Konschak’s extensive academic and professional experience in the healthcare industry fortifies his leadership skills whereby he oversees Divurgent’s operations, fosters growth, inspires innovation, ensures client satisfaction, and enhances the patient experience. The leader has notable influence within the healthcare community, as a speaker, a thought leader, and author of books touching on subjects including consumer-centric healthcare, and more.

Medical Device Cybersecurity Task Force with Sensato

As a supplement to the services they already offer, Divurgent recognizes and addresses cybersecurity threats that are going beyond identity theft actually to endanger patient safety. For instance, with the ability to purchase medical devices online, cyber-attackers can dissect a device’s system, compromise its security, and harm patient health. Divurgent took a step forward, collaborating with healthcare boutique cybersecurity firm, Sensato to form the Medical Device Cybersecurity Task Force, a group focused on identifying and developing best practices for both healthcare organizations and medical device manufacturers to secure medical devices which are widely considered an under-protected arena. The free cross-industry Task Force comprises hospitals, IT leaders, cybersecurity researchers, and medical device manufacturers.

Acknowledging the insufficient guidance and bulk of misinformation about what the best practices for securing medical devices are, Divurgent and Sensato as a team have the goal to collaboratively develop cost-effective and practical best practices to securing medical devices in healthcare organizations. The Medical Device Cybersecurity Task Force has been designed as an intelligence liaison that collects and shares information about potential threats with its members and governmental agencies. The two firms are aware of the lack of enough understanding about device security on both sides—providers and manufacturers—healthcare providers have minimal experience having to lock the medical devices down. In fact, the devices were not even considered part of the IT domain in hospitals. And, on the manufacturers’ side, they understand they need to take action, but they have never had to deal with cybersecurity issues before. Constituents of the Task Force such as Beebe Healthcare, support its efforts to better connect with device manufacturers and secure medical devices.

Divurgent’s work highlights how in the case of healthcare, cybersecurity requires to be forethought in the development of medical devices rather than an afterthought.

The ELITE Divurgent Culture

The Divurgent culture upholds the ELITE values of Excellence, Learning, Innovation, Trust, and Enthusiasm which drive Divurgent to excel in their work and redefine consulting to transform healthcare for healthcare professionals and the communities they serve. Divurgent’s passion for providing innovative healthcare IT solutions, offers their users the opportunity to improve patient experience and enhance operational efficiencies. Upholding their values and vision of a passionate team has manifested as a success for Divurgent, both externally and internally, as a company and as a team. “We firmly believe our Team is the driving force behind our successes,” states Konschak. With utmost appreciation and support for their team members, Divurgent offers them incentives and rewards like 401K Matching and Profit Sharing Plans, a Tuition Reimbursement Program, comprehensive insurance plans, referral bonuses, a PTO Longevity Program, a Charitable Contribution Day, and comprehensive wellness programs. These incentive programs and benefits packages are true testaments to the value Divurgent holds for their Team.

Profitably Enhancing Physician Efficiency

Reflecting the company’s positive impact is a regional healthcare system located in the Northeastern U.S. Divurgent was engaged in improving physician efficiency for the approximately 1000 physicians at the healthcare system. Deploying its Physician Efficiency Program, Divurgent worked on the specific areas of EHR usage report analysis, peer-to-peer training, and optimization. As a result, the company evaluated both the EHR reports generated and the qualitative reports from different stakeholders to develop a comprehensive list of areas for efficiency and process improvements prioritizing high-impact workflows and processes. Divurgent’s physician experts met with the healthcare system’s physicians to operationalize workflow and process improvements long-term. Overall, conducting strategic communication, governance, and system optimization, Divurgent ensured a $2.49 million per year in time savings for the client, while also delivering higher physician satisfaction and lower physician turnover.

Earning Accolades on its Way Forward

While the millennials—born surrounded by healthcare IT’s revolutionary contributions—may not notice the significance of modern healthcare offerings, the Baby Boomers and Gen Xers definitely get a ‘shock and awe’ experience once they sit and compare where IT has brought the healthcare landscape today. Exemplifying the development is Divurgent. The company’s productive work is being recognized with the Consulting Magazine having named Divurgent, one of the Fastest Growing Firms for 2018, this year ranking 31. The company has also been recognized by Inc. Magazine as a fastest-growing firm for the sixth consecutive year in August 2018. In the past 12 months, Divurgent has received another distinguishing honor of “Best Place to Work in Healthcare” from the Modern Healthcare Magazine. With their methods proven and their team strong, Divurgent is adding more and more feathers to their hat and aspire to transform healthcare, firmly abiding by the Divurgent ELITE culture which, “We want our employees, recruits, clients, prospects, and even our competitors to feel and believe!” concludes Konschak.

- Tenzin Chogkyi
    December 21, 2018