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docSTAR: Smart Content Management for Streamlined Processes

Tom Franceski, President, docSTARTom Franceski, President, docSTAR
Healthcare companies that follow traditional system of manually recording information and paper documentation are torn between storage and maintenance of vital patient information and the delivery of quality care. To strike a balance between clinical outcomes and financial performance by keeping a tab of data influx— paper and e-documents, healthcare providers need an effective range of solutions that allow transparency and safe access. Document management solutions (DMS) are therefore deployed to transform companies within the healthcare community to operate in a paperless environment. docSTAR, is one of such solution providers whose affordable, flexible, and collaborative content management solutions streamline business processes for healthcare organizations irrespective of their size.

docSTAR’s eclipse Enterprise Content Management (EMC) software enables employees of healthcare enterprises to view, track, and maintain Electronics Medical Records (EMR) anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Eclipse ECM is a cost effective and easy to implement software that provides cloud and on premise document management solutions which does not require dedicated hardware at client side. While, the company’s flagship offering, the docSTAR’s Document Management System (DMS) software allows scanning, filing, managing, and routing clinical documents electronically which reduces issues like misplaced files, losing critical information, data duplication, and records retention costs. Eclipse ECM solution enhances patient care tracking and keeps the respective clinical documents and charts easily available to each health professional and concerned staff, regardless of time and the user’s location. It allows clinical data to be analyzed for streamlining workflow, review, and also to improve fiscal, operational outcomes, and financial performances. Additionally, the solution works with other organizational document aspects like HR records, accounts payable invoices, physician certification forms, and explanation of Medical Benefits.

Furthermore, the firm deftly recognizes the role and importance of accounts payable (AP) dataflow management in the realm of clinical document management by proffering smart AP automation software to capture, store, and route account payable invoices.

Eclipse ECM is a cost effective and easy to implement software that provides cloud and on premise document management solutions

This not only helps reduce procure-to-pay processing time but also increases productivity. In addition, the software uses intelligent data capture technology to integrate information seamlessly with the user’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Another important aspect of AP automation software is its secure, flexible, and efficient way of communication to share data across financial departments and with the patients for transparency.

Many organizations in the healthcare community have witnessed notable changes in their workflows and operations with the implementation of docSTAR’s software and tools. For instance, Wellmont Health System, a well-known healthcare provider, running thirteen hospitals with over 6,000 health professionals approached the firm to address issues in their document management. As the client’s account payable departments were saturated with hard copies of checks and invoices, the monitoring of contracts for their entire system became a big problem for the staff members. “Contracts were scattered all over the place and couldn’t be found,” says Eric Deaton, executive vice president and COO, Wellmont Health System. “They weren’t being updated and we didn’t always know which department they belonged to.” docSTAR scanned its contracts into digital format and stored at central location with specific categories with its document management software.

The partnership with Microsoft is a core reason behind docSTAR’s ability to provide access tools and support to its customers and this aspect is one of its core differentiating factors. Being industry leader in document management software and AP software solution, docSTAR looks forward to augment customer satisfaction as well as work by absorbing, implementing, and mobilizing latest document management technologies to outshine competitors.