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Doctorsoft: A New Age, Specialty-specific EHR System

When Dr. Sanjay Logani entered his office on a fine morning in 2009 anticipating a busy day ahead of him, little did he know that one of the day’s patients would inspire him to create Doctorsoft. Right after the check-up, the patient, a computer programmer by profession, politely pointed out that Dr.Logani’s EHR system in use was quite inefficient. Realizing the extent to which the EHR system could be digitized in this era of smart technologies, the ophthalmologist, with his decade of experience in the healthcare industry and an MBA from Northwestern University founded Doctorsoft, a company that offers the industry’s specialty-specific EHR system. “Having a first-hand understanding of the flaws of the system, we went back to the drawing board and invented an entirely different Graphical User Interface (GUI) and navigation feature for our EHR: a single page exam view,” says Dr. Logani, who serves Doctorsoft as its CEO.

A study conducted by Stanford University states that two-thirds of doctors do not like their EHR systems owing to the amount of time they have to spend gathering and entering information into it. This, in turn, hurdles doctors from attending to more patients. Doctorsoft’s single page exam view allows physicians to see all their patient information on a simple, straightforward interface. Should they want to view a particular field on the page in-depth, a single click or tap on the field intuitively gets them there.

Dr. Logani emphasizes on the three E’s of the offering: Easy to use, Efficient, and Economic. The single view page layout is similar to traditional paper documents which enable doctors to readily begin using the solution with minimal disruption to the existing process and procedures that they follow. Additionally, the solution is a SaaS-based web program, written in Java, html5, which eliminates installation costs. A feature that makes the solution intuitive is that doctors can pre-program and customize the EHR in tune to diagnosis they do on a regular basis along with the key aspects that they’d look at during an examination. Also, multiple patient-information can be entered into the system at the same time.

We have and always will listen to our customers and add functionalities to our EHR system based on their feedback

The solution even consists of a drawing tool that allows doctors to sketch diagrams accurately with their fingers or a stylus. Furthermore, an embedded image management program helps physicians capture and share diagnostic imagery. Put together all these functionalities, Doctorsoft’s EHR system enables a physician to see more patients then they did before thereby helping them get the maximum return on the investment.

The success story of one of Doctorsoft’s clients best exemplifies the unique value proposition that it imparts. Before partnering with the company, the client could only attend to about 6-7 patients an hour with the existing EHR system they had in place. After installing Doctorsoft at their office, the client saw an increase in the number of patients they saw to 10-14 patients in an hour.

By helping clients in many such instances, the Doctorsoft has garnered a large number of clientele. In addition, strategic partnerships over the years with enterprises such as American Academy of Ophthalmology, IRIS Registry, AdvancedMD, NEWCROP, AWS, and MedEvolve helps Doctorsoft deliver a feature-rich platform that meets the need of their customer. And as the company moves forward, they plan on expanding their business internationally as well. Understanding that the healthcare sector is witnessing some major changes due to the advent of smart solutions and tools, Doctorsoft will continue their work in adding more capabilities and features into their SaaS-based EHR system. “We have and always will listen to our customers and add functionalities to our EHR system based on their feedback,” concludes Dr. Logani.