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E4 Health: Next Generation of Behavioral Health Risk Management

Bill Mulcahy, CEO & Cindy Sheriff, President &  COO, E4 HealthBill Mulcahy, CEO & Cindy Sheriff, President & COO, E4 Health
Population Health Management (PHM) aims to improve the health outcomes of a group by monitoring and identifying individual patients within a population. CIOs often implement PHM models to leverage sophisticated data analytics to identify “what” is driving population risk. Emerging PHM models focused on risk prevention and predictability, recognize the need to better understand the “why” behind preventable medical risk and reduced productivity.

“Today, in order to better predict and manage population risk, we need to understand a members psychosocial profile together with their medical risk factors to deliver effective solutions reducing both health services demand and cost. Sophisticated PHM data analytics facilitates better risk identification while the operational integrationof service delivery can be tailored to eliminate member risk variables negatively impacting population health and productivity,” says Bill Mulcahy, CEO, E4 Health. “But, all too often the psychosocial stressors such as depression, stress or divorce that impact health risks are ignored by PHM strategies. E4’s HealthMap solution integrates both psychosocial and medical risk factors to personalize member engagement and supportive interventions to improve PHM outcomes,” adds Cindy Sheriff, President and COO, E4 Health.

E4’s HealthMap solution integrates EAP, wellness and care coordination (claims data) to present a complete view of member’s well being and health— from child care needs to gaps in chronic care treatment. The supporting care management platform has been “tailored” to apply E4’s evidence based clinical risk rules to each individual’s data set on a scheduled basis, continuously updating their care needs.

At E4, we are constantly looking to develop and integrate well-aligned services that positively enhance our ability to impact workforce productivity and medical spend

According to Tom Sawyer, PhD and SVP of Clinical Strategy at E4 Health, “We believe our risk management model delivers a real differential by engaging and empowering the right people at the right time with the right interventions to positively impact PHM risk.”

E4 also provides behavioral health case management services. “We have the capability to integrate data from health risk assessment, lab values, biometric data, medical and pharmacy claims, disability, and workers’ compensation into a member-centric profile that can support member engagement,” adds Mulcahy. An example illustrating the company’s expertise is how their services impacted worker productivity of a Fortune 100 organization. E4 examined the impact of its“life management” services on worker absenteeism, presenteeism, life satisfaction, and work stress. Employees who used their services and completed the two surveys demonstrated:

■ 32 percent improvement in absenteeism,
■ 40 percent improvement in presenteeism,
■ 20 percent improvement in life satisfaction scores, and
■ 9 percent improvement in work stress, all of which were statistically significant.

E4’s HealthMap solution leverages behavioral expertise and analytics to engage and empower members to better manage avoidable risk factors. “At E4, we are constantly looking to develop and integrate well-aligned services that positively enhance our ability to impact health and productivity,” says Cindy.

Most recently, E4 Health was a 2015 Finalist Southwest for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.