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Dr. James V. Anderson, Founder and CEO, eAssist Dental SolutionsDr. James V. Anderson, Founder and CEO, eAssist Dental Solutions
Soon after getting into private practice, many dentists realize the vast majority of their income and cash flow depends on insurance collections. Dr. James V. Anderson noticed early in his career as a dental business owner and practitioner that typical insurance billing and collections processes were inefficient and woefully ineffective at collecting all the revenue rightfully owed to the practice. Magnitudes more complex than ever before, the claims submission, appeals, and reconciliation process had become a highly specialized and time-consuming function.

As an entrepreneur at heart, Dr. Anderson was inclined to solve the problem not just for his own practice but for the benefit of the dental industry. Since no solution existed in the marketplace, he conceived a new approach that entailed outsourcing to a company skilled in the “art and science” of dental billing and collections. The company needed to be designed, built, and staffed from the ground up, all while Dr. Anderson continued to lead and grow his own practice. He essentially created a new industry, as well as a new career opportunity for self-motivated dental billing professionals who cherish the dream of becoming independent business owners profitably working from home while better balancing work and family. On that foundation eAssist Dental Solutions was built.

Since 2009 eAssist has been offloading the stress and burden from dentists and their teams, increasing collections and cash flow and freeing up time and energy to focus on providing a better patient experience. “As servant leaders, we cultivate a culture that fosters opportunity, inspiration, creativity, empathy and communication. We also know the best ideas come from the people doing the work, so we ensure everyone’s voice is heard,” says Dr. Anderson, the founder, and CEO of eAssist Dental Solutions.

eAssist’s unique and growing organization structure currently comprises 1028 independent billing experts— referred to as eAssisters—relentlessly supported by 68 servant employees.

As servant leaders, we cultivate a culture that fosters opportunity, inspiration, creativity, empathy, and communication

The company continues to invest heavily in high-tech tools and communications infrastructure in order to keep its virtual nationwide team connected 24/7, so they can learn from one another, improve their skills and knowledge, and be top industry professionals. For example, eAssist’s internal website, called the “HUB,” displays complete office information, lists the detailed status of every claim, provides detailed reporting, serves as its payroll system, and so much more. For clients, the company recently launched a Practice Dashboard, which allows the doctor to view claims status at-a-glance and drill down in myriad ways. For new clients, an auto-generated Practice Growth Plan is populated with the status of collections, includes an assessment of the degree to which they already use industry best practices, and identifies untapped revenue opportunities. “Using leading edge technology we will continuously improve our capacity to equip consultants and clients with real-time, business-building information,” states Dr. Anderson. “eAssist respects independent consultants as entrepreneurs and provides training and development opportunities to improve not only their ability to serve eAssist clients but to improve their business acumen and performance as individuals, and as part of a team,” says Dr. Anderson.

As a company, eAssist has the capacity to be highly tech-powered, including the training and support that goes along with that. “We are driven to not just embrace, but lead change by investing heavily in technology and innovation,” says Dr. Anderson. He also mentions that his goal is to grow eAssist into a billion-dollar company by 2030 and offer employee ownership. The company will continue listening to its clients and people so as to stay abreast of systemic and emerging issues and identify solutions that help practices become more efficient, profitable, and patient-focused in response to ever-evolving patient needs and wants. At the same time, eAssist will broaden its scope and reach by innovating new products and services that benefit clients and drive advancements in the dental billing industry overall. “We will never stop continuously improving the industry we created,” concludes Dr. Anderson.

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eAssist Dental Solutions

eAssist Dental Solutions

Lehi, Utah

Dr. James V. Anderson, Founder and CEO, eAssist Dental Solutions

eAssist Dental Solutions' comprehensive suite of services includes dental billing, insurance verification, credentialing and accounting — just to name a few. It offers two services that focus on accounts receivables; Dental Insurance Billing Service and the Patient Accounts Receivable Management add-on Service. The company's primary goal is to assist dental offices in collecting all insurance money that is rightfully owed to them. This requires the company to be involved in aspects of clients' insurance claims processing. Its goal is to ensure that over ninety (90) days insurance account balances of clients are minimal.