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eClinicalWorks: Powering Medical Records Efficiency

Girish Navani, Co-Founder & CEO, eClinicalWorksGirish Navani, Co-Founder & CEO, eClinicalWorks A closer look at today’s fast-paced healthcare ecosystem reveals that clinicians and medical staff are inundated with electronic health record (EHR)-related clerical work that detrimentally impacts patient care. Along with spending more time on health record data entry and management, the pressure to run a modern practice has compelled care providers to use an array of healthcare solutions that often act in silos and are tedious to operate. A fragmented system of care is another major concern, which adversely impacts quality, cost, and outcomes. To overcome these intricacies, healthcare providers are in pursuit of an effective communication and collaborative solution that helps in achieving better quality care and higher revenue. That’s precisely where eClinicalWorks marks its excellence by delivering out-of-the-box healthcare IT solutions.

A true innovator in the EHR arena, eClinicalWorks outshines other EHR/ EMR vendors by offering cloud-based healthcare IT solutions that include next-generation EHR, patient engagement, and complete revenue cycle management (RCM) catering to the holistic needs of ambulatory service providers of all sizes. Founded in 1999, eClinicalWorks is dedicated to eradicate the use of paper from a doctor’s office and make every single connection from the doctor to the pharmacy, lab, and the other stakeholders in the value chain seamless. The company’s unified cloud solutions allow organizations to work together to make healthcare faster, smarter, and more convenient. “Our products are very focused on building bridges to improve healthcare, and that certainly includes advancing patient safety and promoting greater efficiencies,” says Girish Navani, CEO and Co-founder of eClinicalWorks.

Built for Value-Based Care

As a part of their healthcare IT solutions, Navani, and his team have designed eClinicalWorks V11, a cloud-based EHR suite that helps physicians to record patient encounters and easily manage tedious documentation processes. The intent was to develop connections with countless systems so that clinicians can have secure, direct access to patient information, wherever a patient receives care.

eClinicalWorks’ healthcare solutions make it easy for healthcare providers to document patient visits with ease, quickly prescribe medications, and deliver care with better outcomes. V11 can be integrated with several other solutions like telehealth, care planning, analytics and more to empower organizations to meet the challenges and opportunities of value-based care.

Our products are very focused on building bridges to improve healthcare, and that certainly includes advancing patient safety and promoting greater efficiencies

As a core part of the EHR suite, the company has developed Eva, the eClinicalWorks virtual assistant that improves usability and efficiency, letting users interact with eClinicalWorks technology in a conversational manner. For instance, if a provider asks Eva to show a patient’s progress note, flowsheet, or account balance, Eva will gather the particular patient’s history and allow providers to compare current and past progress notes in side-by-side windows. Providers can also book appointments, and even view educational videos and other resources, all without losing context or interrupting workflows.

Building Bridges to Better Care

The world is getting smaller as more people connect over networked computerized systems. To simplify and strengthen data sharing among medical technologies and systems, V11 puts interoperability at the forefront of medical care. By streamlining workflows and offering flexible and customizable solutions for their documentation needs, V11 is truly building a superior connected office, in which patients, providers, and technology are integrated seamlessly. Furthermore, eClinicalWorks EHR suite is reinforced with tools such as healow TeleVisits, Patient Portal, and eClinical Messenger.

The Patient Portal delivers a protected communication channel between organizations and patients, allowing patients to know all the details regarding their health. It allows them to review their personal health records (PHR), lab results, view authorized prescriptions, or simply clarify the general doubts medically with zero-time delay. To augment patient engagement, eClinicalWorks has designed customized messenger campaigns that enable communication with the patient in their preferred methods such as voice messages, SMS or app notification. The company also offers advanced tools such as Kiosk to help patients check in for their appointments with ease, confirm insurance information, and answer questionnaires.

eClinicalWorks believes that for a strong medical practice, healthcare institutions must have extensive online visibility and ease of access to all the resources they offer to patients. With eClinicalWorks’ Patient Portal, patients can book appointments, keep track of medications, and exchange messages with their provider—anytime, anyplace, on any device.

Cloud-Based Acute Care Platform

With the aim to expand their solution portfolio, the company is now disrupting the acute care space with their cloud-centric Acute Care EHR Platform.

This platform creates one unified medical record for healthcare provider’s inpatient and outpatient communities, with a dashboard showing all clinical details for the emergency department, inpatient department, and operating room. Acute Care EHR is designed based on the guidance of actual clinicians, which allows healthcare providers to offer safer and more efficient care to their patients.

eClinicalWorks has the proven track record of catering to the requirements of more than 50 specialties. Providers receive specialty-specific tools developed with the input of physicians. Also available are healthcare quality measures and patient disease management using built-in registry reporting. A single database is used to link patient demographics and medical records to insurance, billing, and claims data. These features make this a next-generation EHR, elevating the role of the system from passively collecting information to actively helping providers give the best medical care possible.

Excellence in Customer Service

eClinicalWorks is on a mission to transform healthcare arena by providing innovative technology and services that reduce costs and errors while improving the quality of care. With the updated technology, providers are able to use the company’s services via the device of their choice. As a testimony of such expertise, eClinicalWorks assisted MedPeds, a large healthcare organization in ruling out their paper-based system as it was proving to be a barrier to the overall operations. They wanted an effective EHR solution that helps in cutting costs, finding patient charts, improving the quality of patient care, and competitively positioning the practice now and for the future. By implementing eClinicalWorks’ comprehensive EHR solution, the client witnessed improved clinical documentation, which allowed better follow-up with efficient care for all patients. With a 90 percent adoption rate of the Patient Portal, patients can now communicate with their physicians in a better way from the comfort and privacy of their home or office.

“The future of the connected healthcare system is bright and will only continue to advance as EHR systems offer more integration and accessibility for patients and physicians alike,” assures Navani. eClinicalWorks is committed to assisting healthcare organizations in meeting their goals of delivering outstanding service to their patients while adhering to the highest medical standards. V11 is the next-generation cloud EHR that is ushering in the evolution of healthcare IT and will help providers remain at the forefront of medical care. With their ongoing commitment to improving human health, eClinicalWorks looks forward to working with healthcare providers to enhance the breadth of functionality and empowering their patients to become managers of their health and improving communication between patients and their providers.

- Ashik Jain
    October 01, 2018