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eFileCabinet: Secure Document Management through DMS

Matt Peterson, President & CEO, eFileCabinetMatt Peterson, President & CEO, eFileCabinet
Huge data influx is an innate attribute of companies operating in the healthcare community where gaining access, ensuring security, and sharing documents at the right time has been quite a mountainous task. Besides, this sector has also been among the list of verticals where a major proportion of their capital expenditure is due to their conventional systems and practices —manually tracking, recording keeping and storing reports in paper forms. A good document management software (DMS) along with a secure storage space, especially in the cloud, helps healthcare companies organize documents in an efficient manner, which can be accessed whenever needed from anywhere around the world. eFileCabinet, Inc, headquartered in Lehi, UT, has over 15 years of experience in helping organizations overcome these challenges. The company has evolved into a sophisticated electronic document management solution, designed to help healthcare providers capture, manage, and protect their data.

The company offers both cloud based as well as client or server based solutions. eFileCabinet Online, a hosted electronic document management (EDM) system provides cloud solution which enables controlling of files from within SalesForce by creating drawers for each of the SalesForce contacts and updating files in both online and on-premise locations. eFileCabinet Online can be accessed by mobile apps for the smartphone and tablet users. This flagship software features an updated interface with Quick Access Menu, responsive design, and dynamic visibility in order to access insurance forms, patient histories, and dosage reports instantly. eFileCabinet Online’s special feature, optical character recognition (OCR), will save hours of redundant manual data entry which makes organizing the patient as well as the treatment information much easier.

eFileCabinet On-Premise, provides client or server based solutions with significant enhancement into CloudView, a special feature, which enables automatic file backup to the cloud while remaining an on-premise or desktop user.

eFileCabinet Online can be accessed by mobile apps for the smartphone and tablet us

Backup of files and documents happens on a regular basis which nullifies the requirement of an additional internal server space and can be viewed at any time from any device with internet access. The solution offers speed, reliability, and ease-of-use by enabling users to drag and drop messages and attachments directly from the inbox into eFileCabinet. eFileCabinet has experience in setting up HIPAA-compliant document management environment—a common concern for most healthcare experts, with document retention, role-based security and robust SSL security to ensure hospitals and healthcare professionals stay in compliance with HIPAA laws.

Many clients have been benefited immensely with the adoption of solutions by eFileCabinet. One of its customers, DMH, Contract Nursing Services, PLLC, is a private contracted nursing company experienced in healthcare services, offering health assessments and health education to care givers at home or Adult Foster Homes in Multnomah and Washington Counties in Oregon. The firm’s paper workload was huge where management professionals had to spend about two weeks to get the work done. Also archiving these massive amounts of files and remaining HIPAA compliant was a difficult task. But with the help of eFileCabinet the firm could finish paper works in forty eight hours and increase the business with more client visits. The professionals at the customers’ firm were able to spend more time with the patients without needing to carry bundles of files during their visits. Also, with eFileCabinet’s cloud services they were able to work with the documents and files even from outside the office premises.

Today more than 153,000 users worldwide rely on eFileCabinet solutions to provide a simple but effective document management software solution. The firm is now en route to augment the healthcare community by bringing in massive innovations through its solutions that promise seamless collaboration and management of documents.