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Jordan Kelley, CEO, Enter.healthJordan Kelley, CEO, Enter.health
“The doctor can get paid on the same day they see the patient” - that’s what I found myself repeating while talking with Jordan Kelley, CEO at Enter. Kelley went on to say, “it’s a fantastic experience for providers when we can integrate so deeply with them that they can spend more time caring for patients and less time worrying about their AR.” It’s clear he empathizes deeply with the pain and headache of billing, denials, and appeals that can drag the collections process on for months or even years. Kelley went on to describe example after example of doctors and patients waiting weeks, months, or even years to finally bring a disputed medical claim to a close and what that meant to the patients, families, and their relationships with providers.

Kelley walks through a demo revealing Enter has built an end-to-end revenue-cycle management platform that elegantly dismantles many of the electronic payer roadblocks that have been in place for decades. The platform’s speed, transparency, and automation has an ease of use that seems to make the business behind healthcare start to make sense. I watch as Kelley simulates putting just over a hundred bucks in a provider’s account for an office visit that happened that morning.

Jordan went on, “We know who we are. We’re not an EHR; we’re a revenue cycle management solution. Right now, we work with small to medium-size practices that want to focus on caring for patients and maximizing revenue with digital tools. We want every doctor, from solo practitioners to large institutions to have real options when it comes to their cash-flow so they can be financially independent. To do that, we hire industry experts in RCM and coding. We build automated processes to manage billing and denials management.

We want every doctor, from solo practitioners to large institutions to have real options when it comes to their cash-flow so they can be financially independent

We’re even bringing carriers to arbitration for our clients when the big payers think they can stonewall practices with bureaucratic processes. When practices have that level of support and get paid quickly, it’s a better experience for the provider and the patient. One of our clients, a hospitalist group, was able to expand from one hospital contract to four and 1 Provider to 15, in less than six months, being fueled by Enter. ”

The demo goes on, and I’m struck by the simplicity of the timelines that clearly show what’s happening with a claims process that I only ever knew as a mess, just as Kelley jokes that most doctors hopefully never need to drill this deep. The demo comes back to the dashboard, where simple charts and graphs show a practice’s performance all on one page, and how each day, week or month has unfolded, all updated in real-time. He continues, “The idea is that you can put your billing on autopilot, have the cash flow you need to grow and, if there’s anything you miss, it shows up right here in your inbox. Just sign a chart you may have missed and ‘okay’ a few more claims being sent to escalation, now you’re billing admin is done for the day, in less than five minutes.” I ask him if it feels like something’s missing and he says “Your headache, and I’m sorry it sounds rehearsed, but I’ve had to say it so many times because it’s so true.”

The project was born out of a collaboration between Kelley and John Russel, the co-founder and CTO, who capitalized on their fintech experience integrating financial systems to found Enter. Soon a partnership with UnitedHealthcare developed and grew. Now the company has partnerships with major technology firms, financial institutions, and is launching new low-cost same-day factoring options. The company ensures the privacy of financial and protected health information (PHI) through end-to-end encryption and strict security policies. Built from the ground up, Enter is PCI, HIPAA, and TCPA compliant.

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Jordan Kelley, CEO, Enter.health

Enter offers physicians compensated quicker than anyone else on the market by backing upfront and collecting allegations for medical insurance while charging patients after just 24 hours. Enter's team is made up of state-of-the-art health care and economic technologists with profound understanding and years of expertise. With an annual payment of over $2.5 T from insurance companies and customers to suppliers, it is the biggest market in the US that remains to be antiquated, dull and difficult to therapeutic exercise and patients