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Envera Health: Deepening Provider-Patient Engagement through Robust Data

Dan Neuwirth, CEO, Envera HealthDan Neuwirth, CEO, Envera Health
The massive shift from volume based care delivery to value based models based on care coordination among disparate caregivers using clinical data, is rapidly changing the way healthcare providers’ share and access health information. “To succeed in today’s healthcare world, it becomes highly necessary to not only share the raw data but make data sharing useful by creating relevant insights from them, and ensuring those insights are delivered within the appropriate clinical workflow,” says Dan Neuwirth, CEO, Envera Health. In addition, the need to maintain the sustainability of health information exchange (HIE) to help share health information, is driving the healthcare market to bring in new business models that generate more value from data. In such an environment, the Virginia-based Envera facilitates connected care, and creates viable business models around HIE that reduces the economic burden of CIO budgets. “Our Engagement Optimization services empower healthcare providers to deliver better patient care by driving patient and provider engagement through enhanced connectivity, and effective coordinate care,” says Neuwirth. Envera’s solutions are powered by a unique set of data, access, and care coordination services.

The firm’s Data solutions turn information into actionable insights that allow caregivers to take responsive actions. Focused on seamlessly connecting patients for all of their healthcare needs, the company’s Access solutions provide health systems with a centralized call center for scheduling and referral services, and complete 360 degree view of the patient to ensure all needs are met. Care Coordination solutions proactively support the management of patients, managing transitions of care, promoting wellness and keep care plans on track. Finally, Envera’s Network solutions strengthen providers’ ability to build partnerships, manage risk and create interoperability solutions that can improve the patient experience and outcomes.

We provide the right information to the right caregiver at the right time within the clinical workflow

Envera has created efficiency around its Data solutions, which comprises of three main offerings that integrate with one another. Envera Converge offers services in data aggregation, normalization, processing, and data sharing. “We bring data from numerous systems and sources to disseminate meaningful information across caregivers,” says Neuwirth. For transforming data into actionable insights, the company’s Envera Enlighten solution comes with advanced analytics, registry, stratification, predictive models and various reporting capabilities. As an innovative decision support layer, Envera IQ solution provides actionable clinical, operational, and financial intelligence. “Within our solutions is Envera’s HIE that identifies the data sources, runs checks against the requested data and its authorized use, and ensures the delivery of approved information and fulfillment of requested data,” says Neuwirth. The company ensures a legal framework around data exchange between participants through Data Use and Reciprocal Support Agreement (DURSA), which is a multi-party trust agreement to engage in electronic health information exchange. “We provide the right information to the right caregiver at the right time within the clinical workflow,” he asserts.

Envera delivers clinically and financially desired outcomes, irrespective of the where the provider might be in their journey towards creating a comprehensive care delivery model within a dynamic market. “We offer turnkey managed services and not an IT project or consulting engagement, where the clients are our partners in developing strategies and they can rely on us to help them deliver outcomes. We can allocate resources to run and operate them,” says Neuwirth. “We are focused on creating a unique services model through our comprehensive focus on optimizing engagement, enabling providers and patients to seamlessly enter the health system and improve care,” affirms Neuwirth.