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EnviroMerica, Inc.: Healthcare Compliance, IT, and Medical Waste Management Simplified

Linda Goduci, Co-founder & COO and Julian Goduci, Founder & CEO, EnviroMerica, Inc.Linda Goduci, Co-founder & COO and Julian Goduci, Founder & CEO, EnviroMerica, Inc. Inviting an OSHA inspector into a healthcare facility without any audit preparation is never a good idea, as even a well-prepared facility can be found to house many granular irregularities. A dentist in California learned this lesson the hard way. Unassumingly, he invited an OSHA officer into his practice whereupon he faced subsequent repercussions. Instantly, the state inspector noticed several violations and began taking photographs. The dentist had no other option but to plead with the inspector for a chance to fix the violations, but the inspector was insistent upon issuing a citation. Panic-stricken, the dentist asked the inspector to stop the inspection and to leave at once, to which the inspector warned that he would obtain a warrant and return with the assistance of the local sheriff’s department. Once the inspector left, the dentist hastily phoned his attorney—a call that would solve the peculiar situation that he had created for himself. The attorney knew to contact a leading expert in the field, Julian Goduci, the founder and CEO of EnviroMerica.

For nearly 20 years, Goduci has worked closely with healthcare firms of all sizes as a business and regulatory compliance and liability expert. In doing so, he has become well-known industry-wide for his expertise in practice management, regulatory compliance, accreditation, healthcare IT management, and medical waste. Goduci contacted the local OSHA office and postponed the inspection for the following week. “The weekend was all about making the dentist and his team ready by training them, doing the paperwork, creating manuals, ensuring proper labeling, installing an eyewash station and fire extinguishers, and much more,” confirmed Goduci. The scheduled inspection date arrived; however, this time, the story took a favorable twist. The work that Goduci and his EnviroMerica team had done saved the facility a potential $150,000 in penalties and averted a fraud case that could have resulted in a criminal case against the doctor.

Throughout its 20-year history, EnviroMerica has helped numerous medical and dental facilities by simplifying their healthcare compliance, IT, and waste management protocols. “We understand that it’s not just about having an OSHA consultant, an IT guy, or removing medical waste; it’s about removing the complexity from all of this while being compliant with the most recent regulations,” says Goduci. With over 18 years of compliance consulting experience prior to expanding into medical waste disposal and IT managed services, EnviroMerica comprehends the complexities of regulations, laws, and documentation that must be followed precisely to assure the client’s safety and to reduce liability. “In serving these physicians and dentists, laboratories, surgery centers, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations, we’re ensuring that they are compliant with the complex OSHA, HIPAA, EPA, DOT, and medical waste disposal regulations in a simple and affordable manner,” states Linda Goduci, co-founder and COO.

Together, Julian and Linda have developed a highly professional, educated, and passionate compliance team that have raised the bar for industry standards.

We are honored by CMA’s trust, and in return, we have offered all CMA members special access and pricing to our wide array of programs

It is no wonder that the California Medical Association (CMA), the 2nd largest medical association in the nation, named EnviroMerica as their exclusive and approved partner of choice for regulatory compliance and waste management. “EnviroMerica has worked closely with the CMA’s component medical societies for years to support their members in their compliance and medical waste responsibilities,” says Goduci. “We are honored by CMA’s trust, and in return, we offer all CMA members special access and pricing to our wide array of programs, including our interactive compliance web application, on-site consultations, periodic regulatory audits, inspection protection, trainings, and more.”

Comprehensive. Simple. Affordable.

The key to EnviroMerica’s continued growth is their close relationships with their clients. “We know that the quality of our work affects their business, and the health and safety of their employees, patients, and families,” says Goduci. A typical consultation visit commences with a thorough inspection of the facility to determine whether the mandatory requirements for regulatory compliance, IT, and medical waste disposal are in place. The next step is all about implementation. With the information gathered from proactive due-diligence, EnviroMerica prepares a comparison sheet to address any shortcomings. The company then provides monthly subscription-based services through which healthcare providers can choose between safe waste management pickup and disposal; online or onsite compliance consulting; live, online, and on-demand training; inspection protection services; HIPAA certified IT managed services; or the perfect mix of services to fit their needs. In addition, through its comprehensive web application, EnviroMerica has automated many of the compliance tasks and allows client facilities to access online videos, personalized safety manuals, relevant trainings, and specific documents. “They can communicate with each employee directly, check their progress, and act accordingly,” adds Goduci.

"Our attention to safety and our commitment to preserving the environment, along with a no-nonsense attitude toward customer service and pricing, has made the difference"

As a turnkey solution provider for compliance, IT, and medical waste, EnviroMerica’s services are designed to serve the different needs of different organizations. “We simplify compliance, IT, and medical waste management. Our waste services provide pickup, transportation, and safe disposal of waste covering all medical waste streams. Our compliance service includes customized safety manuals and Safety Data Sheets (SDS), online or live training, access to online tools and documents, customizable service features, regulatory inspection protection, and even guaranteed protection against regulatory fines. Our IT managed services are HIPAA compliant with the latest in cyber security and data protection safeguards and provides superior monitoring and maintenance of the client’s entire network,” informs Linda.

The Four Pillars of the Solution Portfolio

EnviroMerica provides four primary services in the healthcare sector:

1) General Compliance Service. General Compliance addresses compliance regulations required by OSHA, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office for Civil Rights (OCR), Radiological Health Branch (RHB), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), the Department of Transportation (DOT), the Department of Consumer Affairs, the Department of Pharmacy, fire departments, healthcare licensing boards, and many other regulatory agencies. “We have a comprehensive checklist that we go through when we visit a doctor’s office,” says Goduci. Once the inspection and implementation are completed, EnviroMerica issues a clearance certificate that confirms the practice has met regulatory requirements.

2) HIPAA Compliance Service Our HIPAA compliance service includes a complete technical and physical risk assessment, a Deficiencies and Vulnerability Report, a Remediation report, personalized policies and procedures, and delivers training and implementation support to guarantee compliance with all HIPAA related requirements.

3) Managed IT Services EnviroMerica’s IT division delivers managed IT services, hardware and software design and support, monitoring and maintenance of networks, 24/7 technical support, business continuity and disaster recovery services, and much more. The company’s IT service is HIPAA certified—a critical differentiator in the marketplace.

4) Medical Waste Management Services EnviroMerica safely and legally disposes a wide range of biohazards including sharps, red bags, pathological/microbiological materials, chemotherapy waste, expired or partially used pharmaceutical waste (including P-listed RCRA pharmaceuticals and DEA-controlled medications), amalgam waste, laboratory chemicals, and X-ray solutions, as well as other universal waste streams such as fluorescent bulbs, alkaline batteries, and electronic waste.

By addressing the specific needs of its clients and by being extremely competitive in its pricing, EnviroMerica has been able to grow and service many satisfied customers in a short time. “Our attention to safety and our commitment to preserving the environment, along with a no-nonsense attitude toward customer service and pricing, has made all the difference between us and all other competitors in the market,” affirms Goduci.

Intent to Absorb Change

With a firm belief in delivering exceptional service at fair pricing, EnviroMerica has been at the forefront of understanding the challenges encountered in today’s regulated healthcare environment. “We believe that, by partnering with practicing physicians and dentists, we can remove all of these challenges/headaches and provide a valuable and sustainable business wherein all benefit,” offers Goduci. With a remarkable history of working collaboratively with physician and dental associations throughout California, the company is setting a path to become a franchisor and plans on opening offices across the country to provide local support to all healthcare professionals nationwide.

EnviroMerica is also planning to be a lot more visible and to compete more aggressively by bringing the associated costs down further. “The main goal is to reduce the headaches that our clients face—costs and liabilities,” concludes Goduci.

- RMS Shiv
    September 21, 2018