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Eon Biotechnology : An Innovative Technology for COVID-19 Management

Vikas Pandey, Co-founder and Director, Eon BiotechnologyVikas Pandey, Co-founder and Director, Eon Biotechnology
Eon Biotechnology is an innovative company born during a critical period in human history. In March 2020, when the world was grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, the serial entrepreneurs Vikas Pandey and Suraz Kotakki observed various challenges faced by governments worldwide while conducting diagnostic tests. Due to the independent functioning of countries and consequent silos in the healthcare systems, people moving across countries had to undergo multiple testings. For instance, the testing done in Dubai was not valid anywhere else, and the person would have to undergo testing again on arrival. Testing not done frequently was another issue that persisted as it was expensive and not widely available. This meant that treatments were delayed and had the risk of spreading the disease by the time a person was diagnosed.

Recognising these challenges, Pandey and Kotakki decided to build a blockchain-based pandemic management platform with data that can be shared and trusted by healthcare professionals across the globe, making testing ubiquitous and faster. The duo went on to incept Eon Biotechnology focused on the control and eradication of infectious diseases. The company offers a reliable and cost-effective technology with an anti-spoof system that helps in rapid screening and precise diagnosis of COVID-19. Backed by years of experience and research, the easy-to-deploy solutions can be rolled out at scale. "Through our solutions, we enable users to perform COVID-19 testing for the price of a coffee," says Vikas Pandey, Cofounder and Director of Eon Biotechnology.

Through its patented technology, Eon Biotechnology amalgamates simplicity with efficiency. The company offers unique Rapid (Antigen and Antibody) Test kits issued with blockchain-based QR codes that deliver results within 15 mins. Further, combining a nurse, the laboratory, and the doctor in one application, the EON Health App is user-friendly and makes the process hassle-free. When a user creates an account in the Health App, they have to enter information related to health, COVID-19 symptoms, and medical exposure history. Next, the user must submit photo ID proof and blink three times into the camera where the face is matched with the uploaded ID. Once this verification is over, the QR code of the test kit is scanned to check its authenticity. If there is an issue, a pop-up error message shows. If the test kit is tampered with, it is advised to use a new one. Once the kit is verified, the user can go ahead and perform the saliva test, and after 15 minutes, the user can scan the test cassette again and view the result in the Health App. It then issues a blockchain-based certificate which can be shared with the authorities. "Once tested, the entire information about the user and test result is available in the cloud and each kit can be traced whether it was used or not," adds Suraz Kottakki, Cofounder and Director, Eon Biotechnology.

Through our solutions, we enable users to perform COVID-19 testing for the price of a coffee

With three-fold capabilities, Eon Biotechnology is redefining the current testing process in the market and patient engagement in the value chain. The EON Health App is built on an AI platform and enhanced with facial recognition for identity verification. This anti-spoof system ensures that the test kits are tamper-proof and results are trustworthy. Further, the test results on the blockchain is validated by AI instead of human interpretation, and certificates are issued, thereby safeguarding its accuracy.

By partnering with certified manufacturing units in India, a leading medical manufacturing hub, the company provides affordable and superior-quality test kits. Through this easy-to-use and cost-effective method, patients can perform tests without waiting for hours and get the result at the comfort of their homes. Eon Biotechnology has also introduced a robust data management portal, 'EON Analytics,' for healthcare authorities, governments, test laboratories, and hospitals to manage patient test data and generate reports and insights.

Eon Biotechnology's COVID-19 testing solution has two ranges of application: the individual and medical professionals use. Through the medical professional app, laboratories can conduct mass point-of-care testing. Highlighting the same, Pandey cites a recent use case of sample demonstration in an Indian school. Eon partnered with an Indian lab that deployed three medical professionals in the school for testing. Using Eon's Rapid Test kits, they were able to finish 1000 tests in a day and issue a certificate to every student. Instead of manually entering details of students, the App allowed the lab professionals to gather data easily. All the related information, including test results, was linked and made available in the cloud.

Through such ingenious capabilities, Eon Biotechnology has gained wide recognition across the globe. The company was selected for initial investment by Microsoft for Startups Middle East, acknowledging its exceptional technology. Eon Biotechnology has acquired various certifications, including CE, GMP, ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 & HIPAA certification standards, ensuring superior-quality solutions. Enabling this excellence and success is the company’s large team of scientists headed by Dr. Lingojwar, an expert in Virology.

What truly differentiates Eon Biotechnology is the technology component integrated into its COVID-19 test kits. The accurate testing capabilities along with easy-to-use mobile application provided for low cost, while not compromising quality and standard, is unlike any other product available in the market. Another differentiating factor of Eon Biotechnology is how it provides accurate diagnostics tests as well as antibody tests. This helps users to check whether they have developed antibodies against the virus and fully recovered.

As the next step, Eon Biotechnology plans to issue vaccination certificates through its Health App by partnering with Indian manufacturers of vaccines. The company also focuses on diagnosing other 25 types of infectious diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis A/B, and Dengue. "We are on a mission to be the leaders in the field of diagnostics through our smart rapid screening tests," concludes Pandey.

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Eon Biotechnology

Eon Biotechnology

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Vikas Pandey, Co-founder and Director, Eon Biotechnology

Eon Biotechnology is focused on the conceptualisation and development of innovative smart medical solutions targeting the control and eradication of infectious diseases