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eRAD [NASDAQGM: RDNT]: Automating Clinical Workflows Medical Imaging

Seth Koeppel, Senior VP of Sales, eRAD Seth Koeppel, Senior VP of Sales, eRAD
Technology bottlenecks with regards to making medical images available when needed directly affect the bottom line of practices. eRAD [NASDAQGM: RDNT], a Greenville based company is committed to offer robust medical imaging software technology for fast, secure, productive connections between users. The company’s cloud based imaging solutions built on fault-tolerant architecture, vendor-neutral archiving, integrated DICOM gateways, global worklist—are ideal for distributed sites and remote communication. eRAD’s full suite of medical imaging software solutions serve different verticals of healthcare businesses including teleradiology, specialty as well as multi-site reading groups, hospitals and outpatient imaging centers.

The company offers eRAD RIS, a Meaningful Use (MU) Certified Radiology Information System, which provides insight and control over the functioning of imaging centers. It centrally manages patient information, documents, procedure schedules, insurance verification, procedure authorizations and room allocations for single or multiple sites from a single, integrated application. The solution features real-time reports and dashboards providing accurate and up-to-date information to track performance across multiple sites and patient progress in real time. “The radiologists will have patient history, tech notes, images, priors—everything necessary—on a single platform and with a single login,” says Seth Koeppel, Senior VP of Sales, eRAD. Further, eRAD RIS boosts reading productivity through state-of-the-art voice recognition, STAT exam management and report templates along with automatic patient follow-up and tracking which assists in meeting Mammography Quality Standards Act and Program (MQSA) requirements for accreditation.

eRAD PACS, a scalable, web-based enterprise solution for radiology imaging workflow as well as a comprehensive workflow solution addresses many of the challenges of today’s distributed reading environments, designed to support the business of acquiring, reading and reporting healthcare information from anywhere. The solution can be deployed in a mobile environment without compromising on quality or efficiency.

The radiologists will have patient history, tech notes, images, priors—everything necessary—on a single platform and with a single login

“eRAD’s cloud-based PACS enable enterprises to focus on patient care while we take care of the imaging infrastructure. It just makes sense to have a set-up based on actual utilization with the uptime, security, and responsiveness,” states Koeppel.

eRAD’s mastery as a medical imaging solution provider has helped many enterprises including larger organizations to resolve complex challenges. Once, Diagnostic Imaging of Salem (DIOS), a multi-modality outpatient imaging and women’s centre needed to upgrade their solution to achieve cost savings and productivity gains. The firm was looking for a solution that they can buy outright, without having the complications of a per-click system and study volume commitments. Moreover, the client required a customized workflow including gaining ability to assign a radiologist to a case which was previously done manually. It was hard to track manually—which doctor at a clinic needed to see which case. By deploying eRAD PACS and Mammography Module, helped DIOS meet its requirements. The healthcare provider was able to streamline the workflow and was provided with an array of pricing models to fit the unique needs of its customers. Now the client has just needs to assign a worklist, and all the notification is taken care of alerting the right radiologist.

Having constructed a robust foundation in the medical imaging landscape, the company believes that the key to long term growth in the current environment is to deliver on their commitment to top-tier services. “Our commitment to strong customer relationships is one of the defining characteristics of eRAD. We hear it over and over again—that it’s our technical and clinical know-how that makes all the difference,” asserts Koeppel.