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ETIAM: Connecting Healthcare Professionals in Real-Time

Eric Le Bihan, CEO, ETIAMEric Le Bihan, CEO, ETIAM
Remote healthcare services and related technology are seeing rapid adoption among healthcare organizations across the globe. Years back, when advanced platforms did not exist, physicians practiced telemedicine with simple tools like telephones and radios. As new technologies expand the meaning and capabilities of telehealth, telemedicine platforms have improved dramatically. Hospitals, research centers, and physician clinics can visually connect their patients with healthcare professionals for everything from routine checkups to home health services. While telemedicine programs are widely appealing, establishing and maintaining a successful telemedicine network requires a thoughtful pursuit of strategy and ongoing execution. Supporting this evolution, ETIAM recreates the hospital experience, with specific workflows and diagnostic tools relevant to the care setting. Being a One-Click Telemedicine company, ETIAM provides secure medical networking solutions to hospitals and healthcare professionals with feasible end-to-end, feature-rich software and services. “We develop and maintain a line of modular products and services to complete and optimize medical image communication networks based on international standards (DICOM, HL7, IHE) to ensure data privacy,” asserts Eric Le Bihan, CEO, ETIAM.

With ETIAM’s telemedicine solutions, patients can reach the healthcare providers for treatment and ETIAM also facilitates the care providers to diagnose an illness, or write a prescription without actually seeing the patient in-person. Furthermore, the firm offers intuitive and handy interfaces for improved user efficiency. ETIAM MACS Anywhere—part of a DICOM Imaging network—allows to effectively execute the integration, storage, archiving, or viewing of all medical data relating to the digital patient record. It relies on the Nexus Platform, which is dedicated to medical imaging management, videos, and documents. Additionally the robust and flexible MACS Anywhere includes all the modules of ETIAM Integrate—an archiving solution within itself.

We develop and maintain a line of modular products and services to complete and optimize medical image communication networks

ETIAM Integrate acts as a bridge between multimedia formats and DICOM format, and allows complete medical data management. “With ETIAM Integrate, we’ve developed a completely customizable operating room and medical data integration system that allows users to choose modules that best fit their institution’s workflow,” describes Le Bihan.

As the significance of telemedicine solutions increases by the day, ETIAM-Connect effortlessly meets the needs and constraints of medical image exchanges for tele-expertise and telediagnostic. Amid the rise of demands within emergency care, ETIAM Connect accommodates both tele-expertise and telediagnostic—within a simple to use, military grade robust solution. It allows healthcare professionals to exchange files containing patients’ images and complementary data. Through ETIAM Connect, a doctor in touch with the patient can create a file, send it to a referent doctor who would consult and complete it before sending it back. Moreover, it meets the confidentiality requirements and secures file exchanges through internet by authorizing access only to concerned professionals, while ensuring the traceability of exchanges and accesses. “More than 250 establishments already use ETIAM-Connect. Almost 100 millions images have already been exchanged with ETIAM’s teleimaging solutions and services,” points out Le Bihan.

In the near future, ETAIM continues to build service offerings and expand networks organically through their investment and commitment to people and relationships. “Above all, we will be mindful of an ever-changing industry and economic environment and know that we are not the only ones focused on innovation,” remarks Le Bihan. Going forward, the firm is keen to improve its telemedicine platforms by adding new elements for the digital transformation journey.