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Clay Ritchey, CEO, EvariantClay Ritchey, CEO, Evariant
The healthcare industry is progressing briskly with the introduction of several key trends such as telemedicine, artificial intelligence, robotics, and more. However, when it comes to marketing strategies, it lags behind other customer-centric industries. With time, choices of people and patients have changed, and the industry has to align with the new customer demands. Today’s patients believe in doing research online to find the right care provider rather than relying on the traditional word of mouth form of advertisement. In their hunt for specific services in a stress-free and cost-efficient manner, a significant portion of the patient population performs online research before booking an appointment. With access to physician ratings and reviews and online forums to interact with other patients who may have similar conditions, they are greatly empowered to be in control of their care journey. To appeal to this new generation of patients, healthcare marketers need to adopt innovative marketing strategies.

This is where Evariant—a healthcare consumer and physician engagement company—comes into the picture. A trusted service provider to leading healthcare systems representing over 1,000 hospitals across the US, Evariant provides ‘Evariant Campaign Center,’ a fully integrated healthcare marketing agency that transforms the traditional marketing department into a profit center. With years of experience in healthcare marketing, Evariant Campaign Center experts optimize growth through smarter patient acquisition and retention. They rely on research, historical data, and creativity to develop best practice media plans to meet campaign goals while continually evaluating new media strategies and use proven, industry-tested channels to deliver qualif ied marketing leads that convert to appointments. In addition, the experts help healthcare organizations in executing multi-channel, precision marketing by providing different marketing strategies and expert advice to reach the right audience, drive ROI, and improve growth.

One such approach is allocating sufficient digital marketing spend. According to statistics presented by WebStrategies, an average firm allots around 42 percent of their marketing budget to online expenditures. But the real deal is where and how to apportion it among several channels such as online display advertising, social media, search engine marketing, and mobile, among others. Other essential strategies include: improving collaboration between the marketing teams; incorporating new ideas and channels; aligning marketing efforts with consumer insights and business intelligence; leveraging social media and competitor intelligence; and adopting marketing automation.

Also, Evariant Campaign Center allows healthcare marketing departments to communicate with current and prospective customers through email, website, direct mail, and other channels, providing an end-to-end, multi-channel media solution. The Center’s refined modeling and retargeting plans not only help improve customer acquisition but also convert ‘window shoppers’ to permanent customers by promoting and up-selling appropriate services based on their past behaviors. Furthermore, Evariant Campaign Center helps care providers understand why customers behave in a certain way and map their journey to improve the marketing outcomes. By using a customer’s journey map as a guide, healthcare marketers can execute programs that deliver relevant information on-time and fill gaps in the customer experience. Customer journey mapping not only helps during the treatment but also after a patient is discharged from the hospital. These maps encourage patient loyalty and diminish costs as healthcare organizations need to spend less on acquiring customers/patients.

In addition, search engine marketing (SEM), audience retargeting, and social media advertising also play a vital role in the healthcare marketing arena. SEM is the “direct marketing tactic of the web,” as described by the Evariant digital media team.
According to the team, the purpose of SEM is to drive relevant traffic to specific landing pages and answering searcher’s health questions. Evariant’s experts use audience retargeting advertising tool as part of their media delivery strategy. They also use social media advertising to augment opportunities and drive results.

Smart Services and Solutions

Along with Evariant Campaign Center, Evariant provides different services and solutions that help healthcare organizations gain actionable intelligence and drive high-value service line growth, extend patient lifetime value, and enhance network utilization and planning. Evariant’s flagship platform, Patients for Life, encompasses Evariant HCRM, Evariant Engagement Center, Evariant physician relationship management (PRM), and Evariant Insights. It provides actionable intelligence to find and guide patients through their clinical journeys, and a full suite of capabilities to keep them engaged—from appointment reminders to post-discharge follow-up to predicting their next visit. The platform helps healthcare organizations optimize marketing campaigns, physician utilization, and call center operations with closed-loop reporting and analytics. These strategies help in achieving maximum organizational growth, boosting market share, and driving ROI on technology.

With years of experience in healthcare marketing, Evariant Campaign Center experts optimize growth through smarter patient acquisition and retention

Evariant’s HCRM, a scalable and secure solution, provides flexible data integration and open system architecture. It quickly transforms a healthcare organization’s marketing department into an agile, high-yielding growth machine with intelligent audience targeting, multi-channel marketing capability, superior modeling and analytics, as well as real-time performance and ROI reporting. Evariant Engagement Center transforms any healthcare call center into a revenue-driver. The solution is designed to create a 360-degree view of the patient for health systems that insource their call centers, whether in the form of multiple decentralized call centers or a centralized one. Evariant Engagement Center allows call center agents to deliver quick and personalized world-class interactions that result in improved patient engagement, smarter patient acquisition, and retention, and optimized health system.

The Evariant PRM solution provides health systems with a competitive edge in finding the right physicians and developing loyalty, resulting in smarter provider engagement, improved margins, and optimized network utilization. It also offers business development with enterprise-level physician engagement, the largest and most complete claims database in the industry, accurate and configurable referral analytics, comprehensive data analytics, and comprehensive support and consulting services.

Evariant Insights is a business intelligence solution that discovers opportunities and persona-based Best Next Actions to maintain high-value service line growth, improve network utilization and planning, and extend patient lifetime value. The solution transcends data silos to assimilate a host of data sources, including extensive national consumer, provider and claims data, patient journey analytics, and provider volumes and referrals. It then enables users to answer critical business questions pertaining to region, service lines, sub-service lines, and spend. In addition, users can also decide how they can better manage the patient journey with consumer and physician engagement efforts and more. These questions help users in making insights-driven strategic decisions in a few hours that currently take months of planning, data collection, and manual analysis. In addition, Evariant Insights also provides dynamic, supercharged flexibility for a range of user personas that enables them to view a range of interdependent factors influencing market insights and growth opportunities.

A Trusted Partner

Leading healthcare organizations around the world rely on Evariant’s services and solutions to improve their marketing and communication strategies. One such client of Evariant is Lehigh Valley Health Network, a traditional healthcare marketing organization. They used to spend 90 percent of their marketing investments on expensive, traditional marketing without positively impacting the organization. So they decided to change the process and selected Evariant for the process. About a year in the relationship with Evariant, the client managed to launch campaigns, build the product, and for the first time was able to show their ROI. They shifted to investment center with data-driven marketing strategy and made 6:1 ROI from 18 marketing campaigns. “The reason we choose Evariant was not just the CRM and PRM technology, although that was the foundation, we wanted a partner,” said Dan Lavelle, Administrator of Marketing, Lehigh Valley Health Network. “We wanted a core foundation in CRM and PRM technology, but also needed Trusted Advisors to help us use it and consult to us on how to be a better marketing organization. Thanks to Evariant, we’ve transitioned from a revenue and cost center to an investment center.”

Evariant continues to serve a number of global healthcare brands as it strives to enhance its services and solutions. With the growing digital adoption in the industry, the company is looking to implement more sophisticated technologies to lead the market with far more efficient solutions.

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Clay Ritchey, CEO , Evariant

Evariant is a trusted advisor to leading healthcare systems, representing over 1000 hospitals across the U.S. The company's only Patients for Life Platform, allows providers to optimize growth via smarter patient acquisition and retention. Evariant's customers achieve accurate value through high-value service line growth, enhancing provider network utilization and planning, hence extending patient lifetime value. The company's solutions deliver actionable intelligence, enabling healthcare providers to find, guide, and keep patients for life. The Evariant platform is built primarily to manage the requirements of hospitals