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Exceed Technologies, Tupelo LLC: Tailor-Made IT Services for Healthcare

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Jesse Bandre, CEO, Exceed Technologies, Tupelo LLCJesse Bandre, CEO, Exceed Technologies, Tupelo LLC
"Mississippi is underserved when it comes to IT companies in the healthcare space,” begins Jesse Bandre, CEO, Exceed Technologies, Tupelo LLC. Back in the day, working as an employee at Exceed Technologies, Bandre was amazed to see how IT professionals traveled two-three hours at a stretch to provide their customers with support services in Columbus. This roadblock propelled him to open an office locally to provide full service to clients in a matter of minutes. With an aim to invest in the community as a whole and support clients irrespective of time and location, Exceed Technologies has been working with the healthcare providers to ensure that their network and IT are up to standard and comply with government regulations like HIPAA. The full service IT company is committed to serving healthcare organizations and meeting their unique business requirements with Exceed Technologies’ unique network and IT solutions. Besides, the company also guides clients in understanding the importance of EMR in healthcare organizations.

When it comes to healthcare, Exceed Technologies acts as a holistic provider of a range of services, starting from core network risk assessment to managed services provided remotely on the client’s system. “We focus on keeping the clients on track with the compliance requirements in the healthcare space through encrypted email support, HIPAA backup solutions, and mobile device management,” explains Bandre.

Exceed Technologies follows a simplistic approach to serving clients. To begin with, in order to provide tailor-made services for specific business needs, Exceed Technologies’ team performs a network evaluation and assesses the issues that have turned up in the process. Followed by this, the company leverages its services to eliminate the risks and strengthen the clients’ IT infrastructure.

We focus on keeping the clients on track with the compliance requirements in the healthcare space through encrypted email support, HIPAA backup solutions, and mobile device management

Exceed can help ensure that medical IT systems are functioning at optimum levels and record storage is fully HIPAA compliant.

Exceed Technologies currently provides compliance services to small and medium clinics, thanks to its partnership with HIPAA Secure Now!. As an authorized Apple Service provider, Exceed Technologies guides clients in reaping the best of a secure network system in business and allowing users to avail services for their Apple products without voiding the warranty. Added to that, the company is a Mississippi approved vendor for selling a range of computer and printer sales and services. Exceed Technologies helps clients avail extensive remote data backup options, simultaneously hosting client email, cloud and web. Services offered by Exceed Technologies also include web filtering, alarm systems, and other IT services.

Exceed Technologies boasts of delivering unmatched technical expertise alongside unparalleled technical support. From phone systems to security systems to data backup needs, Exceed Technologies covers it all. “What makes Exceed Technologies second to none is our practice of training and certifying our employees about the latest HIPAA regulations and the most advanced technologies and ensuring that we offer the best,” says Bandre. One of the only four in-house full IT service providers in the city, Bandre envisions Exceed Technologies to evolve as a leading name in the IT industry. “Our expertise stems from our concern for optimal customer experience,” he adds. “We implement the right thing from the first stage of the task itself, ensuring zero errors.”

Exceed is currently focused on enhancing its services to improve the IT foundation of the clients. “We are looking forward to understanding our clients better, thereby leveling up the communication and customer service, which will make our clients love us even more,” concludes Bandre.