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Fabric Genomics: Eliminating the Bottlenecks in Genomics with AI

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Martin Reese, Co-founder, President, and CEO, Fabric GenomicsMartin Reese, Co-founder, President, and CEO, Fabric Genomics
With the ability to offer insights into an individual’s susceptibility to certain disorders and drive the development of treatment options tailored specifically for that patient, genomics plays a key role in precision medicine and drug development. To this end, clinicians are aiming to integrate genomics with their existing healthcare systems to further enhance the efficiencies of their operational and patient care processes. However, due to the heavily manual-based literature searching and report writing tasks involved in the development of a final genomics-based diagnosis, leaders in the healthcare space are struggling to bring genomics into mainstream patient care. Addressing this problem with its proprietary AI-powered platform is California-based Fabric Genomics. “Our AI-based software offering automates the manual steps and eliminates the need for geneticists’ expertise to enable quick and accurate genomic-based diagnoses,” says Martin Reese, co-founder, president, and CEO at Fabric Genomics.

The company’s next-generation sequencing (NGS) analysis platform, Fabric Enterprise, supports all genetic tests for neurological, cardiovascular, cancer, and a multitude of other disorders. Fabric Enterprise is deployed within hospitals where the platform compares a patient’s genome with its extensive library of genomic literature and research to extract insights that will enable better treatment options. To achieve this, the company leverages its proprietary set of algorithms, termed Fabric AI, which enables the platform in ensuring the delivery of the most accurate and high-quality diagnoses. Alternatively, in the case of rare diseases, Fabric Enterprise identifies the causative genetic variant and drives better decision-making processes. With such unparalleled capabilities, Fabric Genomics has ignited several success stories since its inception in 2009. In one instance, the company assisted Rady’s Children Hospital to detect possible illness-causing gene variants and treat neonates and babies with genetic disorders.

Our AI-based software offering automates the manual steps and eliminates the need for geneticists’ expertise to enable quick and accurate genomic-based diagnoses

In the pursuit of this, Dr. Stephen Kingsmore, president at the hospital collaborated with Fabric Genomics to treat genetic illnesses in newborn babies by pioneering whole genome sequencing (up to 20000 genes) of infants in the ICU. With Fabric Enterprise, Dr. Kingsmore was able to increase the overall rate of diagnoses by 50 percent, which led him to perform a study, which concluded that 80 percent of the times, the diagnosis aid clinicians in changing the way they treat a child’s genetic disorder. “After this collaboration, Dr. Kingsmore went on to publish articles in leading peer-reviewed publications and set a world record for fastest genetic diagnosis at 19.5 hours,” states Reese.

At the core of the company’s success is its technology leadership, which has worked on the Human Genome Project and has several publications in top medical and genetic research journals. Reese believes that the highly passionate and competent team at the helm of Fabric Genomics is the key behind its continuous drive toward innovation in technology and genomics, which in turn, keeps the company ahead of the curve. At the same time, he mentioned his company’s emphasis on delivering solutions that benefit patients the most. “When our customers gain the ability to effectively treat their patients, they transform from clients into partners that want to innovate with us and help more patients,” adds Reese.

Moving forward, the company plans to launch its new solution that extends its genome technology into medical records to allow higher diagnostic rates and bridge the integration gaps between healthcare systems and genomics. Currently, this program is in its early access stage and already, Fabric Genomics is witnessing a large number of leading genome centers signing up for it. From an organizational standpoint, the company aims to raise additional funding to expand its operations to international markets.

To conclude, Reese mentions how he is trying to take away the fear of leveraging AI in genomics through his company. With this mission at its core, Fabric Genomics is perfectly poised to assist geneticists and clinicians in recognizing the value of utilizing AI to detect abnormalities in a genome and make diagnosis an efficient and rapid process.

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Fabric Genomics

Fabric Genomics

Oakland, CA

Martin Reese, Co-founder, President, and CEO , Fabric Genomics

Enables healthcare facilities to effectively leverage genomics in their day-to-day patient care with its AI-powered NGS platform—Fabric Enterprise. The company’s next-generation sequencing (NGS) analysis platform, Fabric Enterprise, supports any genomic test. These tests include cardiology, neurology, oncology, as well as carrier screening or pediatric diagnostics. To achieve its mission to deliver accurate and high-quality diagnoses, Fabric Enterprise applies advanced algorithmic techniques and known information to pinpoint the source of genetic disease out of thousands of possibilities. At the core of Fabric Enterprise’s unmatched speed and precision in diagnosis is a set of proprietary algorithms, termed Fabric AI, which automates analysis of a patient’s genome to facilitate quick and effective screening and diagnosis.