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In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the need to learn more about air quality. Evidence suggests that poor air quality contributes to medical issues ranging from strokes to diabetes, and with the influx of COVID-19, the battle for clean air is even more important now than ever. From corporate offices to hospitals, industry is highly concerned about air quality to keep people safe, healthy, and productive. Particularly in the hospital industry, where air quality can be both the cause of and the solution to at-risk patients, now more than ever is the need for high-quality air filtration to protect patients and staff from both common and novel airborne medical issues.

Of the complaints from air filtration users, noise levels are near the top. Home air filtration manufacturers innovated a “Night Mode” feature, allowing for a quieter night’s sleep, but at the expense of fan and motor speeds, reducing air exchange, and by extension, overall effectiveness. Addressing this issue (among many others), California-based Filtr offers commercial air purification akin to clean room grade air at normal conversation volume, called Revolution. According to Filtr, a subsidiary of Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions and their three decades of experience in the cleanroom manufacturing space, “Our awardwinning engineers have designed the unit to deliver on the promise of providing clean room grade air, while bridging the needs of low sound levels and high speeds.”

Filtr’s cleanroom view of air quality addresses the problem in terms of particle size, agnostic of whether the issue is viable (e.g. virus) or inert (e.g. fine dust particles). With many in the air purification industry claiming the elimination of COVID-19, SARS, MERS, etc., Filtr’s approaches the problem as, “Why limit our capabilities to the disease of the day, when we can catch anything of that size at any time?”

Filtr further bolsters its effectiveness, offering an Ozone-less Bipolar Ionization option, creating both positive and negative ions to eliminate particles and volatile organic compounds outright.

Further on-brand with their dominance in Cleanroom manufacturing, Revolution can be deployed to positively or negatively pressurize spaces. Peter Maguire, VP of Sales, Filtr, states, “In medical environments with highly contagious diseases, Revolution creates negative or positive room pressure to suppress the travel of pathogens between areas, and further works to mitigate odors via carbon filtration and monitoring VOCs.”

Detecting early airborne particle outbreaks, temperature, humidity, and volatile organic compounds (VOC), Revolution’s on-board sensors deliver air quality information across a day, week, or month, to monitor and improve the cleanliness of your environment, viewable and controllable by multiple users. In the development of Revolution, engineers observed the competition’s leak rates actually contribute to air quality issues via the unit itself, leading Filtr to test the entire unit, ensuring that output air quality is as specified, unlike those who only test filter matrix itself.

Doubling-down on their mantra of protecting people and quality of life, Revolution personalized the clean air experience, releasing their first disposable N95 respirator HOPE 220 to deal with the present COVID-19 pandemic specifically and the shortfall of PPE that made national headlines. Reasonable for the mask-averse, breathable, and comfortable compared to others available in the market, Maguire said, “We worked almost around the clock, seven days a week, to develop a mask for the frontline warriors fighting this disease on a daily basis, as well as the average person in need of highly durable and reusable protection.”

Filtr’s next step is the B2C market, designing an air purification unit for homes to aid people who suffer from asthma, allergies, and those with a more profound concern about general health.

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