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ForaCare: Advanced Telehealth Systems for Chronic Disease Management

Derek Lin, CEO, ForaCare Global, ForaCareDerek Lin, CEO, ForaCare Global, ForaCare
Long-term management of chronic health conditions is one of the biggest challenges facing the healthcare system today. Conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, depression, type 2 diabetes, and arthritis affect an estimated 117 million people around the globe. Moreover, as the number of patients suffering from chronic ailments keeps multiplying every year, healthcare providers are striving to find therapy options that are not time or location dependent. In this regard, telemedicine has emerged to play a critical role, making significant strides in revolutionizing the way patient care is delivered. At the forefront of efficient and effective telemedicine solutions, ForaCare, a subsidiary of ForaCare Global, serves as a go-to telehealth provider for chronic disease management. With a focus on providing superior health monitoring solutions, ForaCare has been able to attain a pre-eminent position in the global healthcare industry.

FORA 24/7 HealthView—ForaCare’s robust and HIPAA-compliant telehealth system—aims to provide an end-to-end health management experience. With versatile connectivity modules such as GPRS, Bluetooth, and internet gateways, healthcare professionals are always connected with their patients. Further, FORA 24/7 HealthView’s user interface can also be integrated into a hospital’s EMR systems, helping healthcare providers document a patient’s vital signs round the clock and prepare real-time reports, helping make the right medical decisions more efficiently.

ForaCare’s tenacity lies in not just providing cutting-edge telehealth solutions but also manufacturing and marketing those advanced medical devices—one of its unique value propositions in the telehealth marketplace. Its offerings include wireless voice-guided blood glucose meters; blood pressure meters with cellular network connectivity; and 24/7 HealthView that can easily and economically perform remote patient monitoring and also allows users to set alerts in cases of medical emergency. “Since we are the manufacturer as well as the provider of telehealth solutions, we are able to make the solutions available to healthcare providers and patients at a much lower cost,” notes Derek Lin, CEO of ForaCare Global.

At the heart of ForaCare’s telehealth solutions is its advanced model for chronic disease management—a deviation from episodic patient care to continuous care. In a traditional setup, a patient is expected to reach out to their doctors every three or so months, and the physician can only hope the patient abides by the periodic appointments. This is where ForaCare brings a radical shift in the quality of care a physician can provide.

With a focus on providing superior health monitoring solutions, ForaCare has been able to attain a preeminent position in the global healthcare industry

With ForaCare’s devices, users can seamlessly upload their daily blood glucose and blood pressure (among others) measurements to the cloud server. ForaCare provides remote patient data access to the concerned clinician or doctor, who can then review the data, monitor the patient’s status, and promptly provide healthcare consultation. Thus, by offering continual visibility into a patient’s self-testing compliance and results, clinical staff can intervene and help a patient before a situation warrants ER visits or hospitalization.

Amid the suite of ForaCare’s health monitoring products is one of their latest additions, the D40 Series—a 2-in- 1 blood glucose and blood pressure measuring device. Using this single device, diabetic patients can keep a check on their propensity to diabetes and cardiovascular disease and take immediate action when the earliest symptoms appear. “Many centers for telehealth and homecare have deployed our systems in several countries. It proves that our products and healthcare platform are able to improve the collaboration between their clinicians and diabetic patients significantly and achieve better clinical results through the use of D40g 3G Cellular monitoring device,” says Lin.

Another notable multi-parameter health monitoring device offered by ForaCare is FORA Test N’Go Advance. This is among the few meters in the market that test for both blood glucose and ketone levels. What makes the device reliable is the usage of two separate test strips—manufactured using the highly-accurate Gold Advance strip technology—to measure the results of each parameter. Coupled with that, the glucometer is Bluetooth enabled to sync blood glucose and ketone level data with the company’s robust data management app, iFORA HM. While the FORA Test N’Go Advance interface and display are similar to ForaCare’s other glucose measuring devices, this device has separate mode and directional buttons, which makes it simpler to navigate the features and settings. “This is a welcome improvement over our other Bluetooth-enabled device FORA Test N’GO, which had a single button for cycling through readings and features,” says Lin.

Lin believes that ForaCare’s appetite for continuous innovation has been the key driver behind its success over the years. “We will soon be adding video conferencing functionality to our telehealth systems,” states Lin. Moving ahead, ForaCare is committed to implementing more of such ground-breaking telehealth capabilities that improve patient care and enhance the overall healthcare sector.