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GENETWORx: The Gold Standard in COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing and Pharmacogenomics Testing

William Miller,  CEO, GENETWORxWilliam Miller, CEO, GENETWORx
As the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, frequent testing is key to identifying and controlling the rapidly spreading COVID-19 virus. For schools, businesses, government, and healthcare providers, implementing programs where testing is available, accurate, and fast is vital to winning the war against COVID.

Recognizing the need for testing at the start of the pandemic, GENETWORx, a Glen Allen, VA-based health management service company, introduced a 99 percent accurate COVID-19 PCR diagnostic test that detects infection at an early stage with minimal turnaround time. William Miller, CEO of GENETWORx, avers, “We are a full-service provider of COVID-19 testing—both diagnostic (molecular) and antibody (serology) testing. We provide comprehensive COVID-19 testing programs for clients that include not just the tests but also the manpower and the software solution that puts it all together. Collection for our clients can be performed by our technicians at either on-site locations or through self-administered tests at home.”

A One-Stop Solution

GENETWORx offers both nasopharyngeal and saliva diagnostic COVID-19 tests as well as antibody tests to support ongoing, sequential testing to prevent the spread of the virus and keep patients informed on whether their body has developed an immune response. GENETWORx invested in both technology and infrastructure in 2020 to create the capacity to deliver hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 test results per week. A proprietary software platform, Aura, provides GENETWORx’s clients with reduced laboratory process time and a userfriendly digital testing management service that allows large population customers to manage COVID-19 test scheduling and reporting. “Our ability to turn around specimen results and provide complete management of testing makes us one of the leading and physician favorite laboratories in the country,” asserts Miller.

GENETWORx’s expertise and reliability have resulted in success stories with numerous colleges, physician groups, senior living facilities, and state organizations. Since the pandemic began, GENETWORx has performed over five million COVID-19 tests, with results delivered within 48 hours on average. Since last year, GENETWORx has grown from under 70 employees to nearly 1100 employees. Additionally, GENETWORx now provides consumers the ability to directly order self-collection COVID-19 tests sent to their homes at

“We are dedicated to doing our part to reducing the spread of COVID-19 and saving as many lives as possible.

Thanks to our amazing staff and state-of-the-art instrumentation, we were able to accurately test millions of patients during the pandemic; from 100 samples a day last March to over 45,000 a day today,” explains Miller.

Paving the Way for a Healthier World

The success of the GENETWORx testing platform in bringing accurate and timely COVID-19 testing to patients nationwide also extends to the pharmacogenomics testing sector. GENETWORx genetic testing benefits both physicians and patients and is supported by a network of expert healthcare providers with extensive knowledge and experience in personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics.

“As molecular testing continues to improve, we’ve seen incredible progress on accurate results, whether it is in forensics, R&D, or clinical testing. Our GENETWORx technology, along with top field experts, allows us to provide diagnostic results for pharmacogenomics, UTI, GYN health, GI health, and wound pathogens with extremely high confidence levels,” says Miller.

As with the company’s COVID-19 PCR product, these molecular tests are also 99 percent accurate and available within 24-48 hours. This array of diagnostic testing and services starts with screening and ends with a diagnosis for the patient and a clear plan for treatment.

  • Our ability to turn around specimen results and provide complete management of testing makes us one of the leading and physician favorite laboratories in the country

“As a side effect of COVID testing, patients are more familiar than ever with molecular testing. We expect to see a major shift from traditional testing methods to molecular testing. For example, the gold standard for UTI testing is to perform a culture and grow for three days. This is time-consuming and delays treatment. Using a molecular test instead, we can obtain a more accurate result within 24-48 hours,” informs Miller.

Looking ahead, GENETWORx is poised to grow with the increasing demands of the healthcare market. “Our goal is to transform mobile testing labs into permanent centers to provide much faster results to physicians at a regional level,” reveals Miller. The company is also enhancing and expanding its Next-Generation testing capability. “We strongly believe that genetic screening and testing for millions of inherited diseases is going to be the key to individualized patient care going forward. Being able to have that genetic information at one’s fingertips is going to go a long way in disease prevention and treatment,” concludes Miller.

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Allen, VA

William Miller, CEO , GENETWORx

GENETWORx is a health management service company that specializes in bringing the benefits of genetic testing to the patient via a network of expert healthcare providers with extensive knowledge and experience in personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics. The company is certified according to the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) for high complexity molecular testing and moderate complexity clinical testing.