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Get A-Head®: Bridging Gaps in Mental Health Care Delivery

Ahad Bandealy, Founder & CEO, Get A-Head®Ahad Bandealy, Founder & CEO, Get A-Head®
The mental health care industry faces a compounding issue with the demand for mental health care far outpacing the availability of mental health services. A solution lies in increasing the number of mental health professionals while breaking down the geographical and financial barriers for patients. Then there is the matter of costly and time-consuming clinical training that mental health practitioners need to complete to become a licensed counselor.

During his time training as a practitioner, Ahad Bandealy discovered the process to be fragmented and archaic, as it was difficult for him (and others) to efficiently accrue hours and receive clinical guidance. This inspired him to establish Get A-Head as a robust digital platform that facilitates the delivery of quality mental health care and training. “Our technology provides organizations with the tools necessary to quickly and effectively train practitioners while delivering affordable care,” says Bandealy, Founder and CEO of Get A-Head.

Get A-Head’s innovative platform uses a matching question algorithm to pair mental health service providers with clients based on the client’s demographics and preferences. Through Get A-Head’s unique, creative concept and utilization of technology, service providers can schedule secure audio and video sessions with clients, annotate recordings along with a transcript of the session and access their progress notes, all in one place.

Setting Get A-Head miles apart in the continuum of mental health care is the platform’s use of natural language processing that captures nuances of a session to better understand the psychological and emotional state of a client.

The platform provides key insights to practitioners, enabling them to assess clients across various psychometrics.

An equally important compliance driven element in telehealth sessions that involves trainees is effective oversight by an accredited mental health professional. Get A-Head created a way to facilitate a safe and secure supervisor-supervisee-client environment. The company’s supervisory function enables real-time (or asynchronous) clinical instruction, feedback and support, while facilitating responsible and effective care.

The value of Get A-Head’s real-time asynchronous supervision feature was demonstrated by an instance of a mental health care provider detecting signs that a client was potentially inflicting harm on themself or others. The session supervisor intervened, spoke with the individual, and summoned help to the patient’s location.

Apart from packing the platform with a ton of capabilities, Get A-Head thoughtfully constructed its UX and UI, considering all the tools that a practitioner needs to be successful.

  • Our technology provides organizations with the tools necessary to quickly and effectively train practitioners while delivering affordable care

At the same time, the company focused on ease of use of the platform, building it to feel, look and operate as a technology that is familiar to users. As an agile company, Get A-Head designed its technology to incorporate client feedback iteratively. In a digital health care space, the company focuses on putting forth solutions driven by empirical evidence from practicing professionals.

“As the demand for mental health care continues to increase, it is up to industry leaders to provide evidence-based models that create positive mental health outcomes” says Bandealy. Get A-Head’s mission centers on closing the supply and demand gap that has long existed through innovative technological solutions.

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Get A-Head<sup>®</sup>

Get A-Head®

Toronto, Ontario

Ahad Bandealy, Founder & CEO , Get A-Head®

Get A-Head provides a robust digital platform to train, measure, and improve the delivery of quality mental healthcare. Get A-Head was created by a team of mental health experts to combat some of the barriers people face in getting care, which include – anonymity, accessibility, and relatability. As reaching out for help can be challenging, the company has created an anonymous username feature, keeping user identity confidential. Then, by answering a few short questions, Get A-Head uses a matching algorithm to ensure the user is connected with a service provider who understands their unique situation. Users can access real-time support services with the touch of a button in a secure, HIPAA compliant environment via text, audio, and video.