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GetixHealth: Unraveling Revenue Management Woes

Charles Bracken, Founder & CEO, GetixHealthCharles Bracken, Founder & CEO, GetixHealth
Few decades back, tracking the entire revenue lifecycle of patients was a rather taxing job for healthcare organizations. The inception of the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) was the answer to the ever-burdening complexity of managing revenue in the healthcare landscape. Based out of Houston, TX, GetixHealth has driven its effort to streamline the RCM needs in the healthcare arena. Charles Bracken, CEO, GetixHealth claims, “Our specialty is assisting complex healthcare providers with the management and collection of payments from patients and insurance companies.” The organization assists clients of every size, be it standalone hospitals or the complex academic healthcare centers. GetixHealth furnishes these complex ecosystems with the right tools to efficiently manage and collect payments from patients and insurance companies.

GetixHealth positions itself as an Extended Business Office (EBO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the healthcare space, and helps its clients streamline their revenue management needs. The firm offers a comprehensive suite of solutions under its RCM banner, which include Practice Management (PM), billing, collection of charges and support services. GetixHealth has enhanced its clients’ ability to respond swiftly and effectively to issues revolving around billing-related service with their unique offering, coined as Customer Account Resolution System (CARS). The database for CARS serves as a repository that enables posting of patient issues, noting updates, and tracking progress toward resolution. Without the need of much IT involvement, providers can customize access rights by department, facility or corporate level; drill down to incident-level data, providing specific source trends, and create specific ad-hoc reports. The firm also furnishes personalized self-pay solutions, handling clients’ self-pay patient billing from the date of service through the entire lifecycle, making use of state-of-the-art technology, easy-to-read statements, and a user-friendly patient portal. The GetixPay Patient Portal combines billing-related content and payment applications into a user-friendly web page, offered in conjugation to their Self-Pay Services.

Our specialty is assisting complex healthcare providers with the management and collection of payments from patients and insurance companies

The Portal integrates a key technology, Quick Setup for Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment (EBPP), which assists in notifying patients of payments due through alternative means such as text, email, or voice mail. GetixPay, besides being easily accessible, serves as a transparent solution for the patient, as it is directly linked off the organization’s existing website.

GetixHealth has surpassed its clients’ expectations and guaranteed them with excellent customer service, as they customize their solutions and services based on each organization’s specific requirements. This fact can be well substantiated in the case of Radiology Associates of Appleton (RAA), where leveraging GetixHealth’s platform they could cut the average accounts receivable collection time by over 50 percent, increase collection receipts by 12.14 percent; implicating in a production increase of 10.59 percent. What defines them in this space is their investment towards best practices software, systems, and processes; to create the software infrastructure for supporting and consolidating the collection activities. Bracken adds, “The technologies we use print millions of statements, collect payments online, automate inbound and outbound calls, move millions of transactions on an international network, and provide comprehensive information reporting to our clients.”

GetixHealth has injected several key technologies into its offerings that include cloud deployment, Business Intelligence, implementation of scientifically measurable best practices, limitation of account to No-Touch or One-Touch resolution. Bracken states, “The cornerstone of GetixHealth is technology that allows us to connect each of our service centers with clients and insurance companies.” A constant focus has been noticed in finding or encouraging RCM engineers. The central idea for the organization has been on resolving patient accounts, while establishing the bar for quality patient relations, throughout the entire process.