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GNS Healthcare: Delivering Personalized Healthcare using Big Data Analytics

Colin Hill, CEO, Chairman &  Co-Founder , GNS HealthcareColin Hill, CEO, Chairman & Co-Founder , GNS Healthcare
Every day, immense amount of healthcare data stored in form of clinical trials, patient medical records, treatment history, and outcomes and clinical practices are collected and documented by healthcare providers across the world. “The Big Data raw material can be a rich asset to discover the underlying disease mechanisms that help improve treatment effectiveness and patient care,” remarks Colin Hill, CEO, GNS Healthcare. GNS employs Big Data analytics to empower health plans, providers, pharmaceutical companies, and foundations to make ‘intelligent data-driven decisions. The firms’ solutions help planning, implementation and optimization of medical interventions that result in a deriving positive return on investment and meaningful improvements in health outcomes.

GNS’s flagship solution, Meaningful Actions Accelerator (MAX), performs data analytics on the data collected from patients. “MAX delivers value-based selection lists for each of the planned interventions to facilitate the most effective implementation, whether by in-house teams or third-party vendors,” adds Hill. MAX’s architecture leverages the company’s patented data warehouse platform, MeasureBase and Reverse Engineering and Forward Simulation, a machine learning and simulation platform to develop analytics from large amounts of real-world data. The company uses REFS to delve out methodologies to address variety complex healthcare issues like type 2 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and preterm births.

Elementary to every GNS platform is the ‘Plan, Implement and Optimize’ methodology. The Plan component demonstrates different intervention strategies that can be applied to a population, indicating whether they can derive anticipated ROI upon implementation.

The Implement component delivers value-based selection lists for each intervention team regardless of them being an in-house or vendor-supplied services provider. In the optimize level, the MAX solution platform continuously evaluates the performance of interventions based on their impacts in critical addressing health issues. This pioneering strategy developed by GNS is commonly deployed in health plans and providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical foundations and clinical research. “Once your organization has installed the MAX solution platform, adding new solution components for different therapeutic areas becomes a straightforward and immediate task,” says Hill.

Our solution guarantees maximum ROI while optimizing clinical outcomes using precision targeted personalized interventions

In one of the instances, Aetna Innovation Labs collaborated with GNS Healthcare, to analyze data from over 30,000 participants of a study on metabolic syndrome. The study involved a thorough analysis of medical claims records, demographics, pharmacy claims, lab tests, and biometric screening results of the participants conducted during the study. Using GNS’s Big Data analytics solutions, the researchers were able to develop detailed risk profiles for individual participants that helped them gain understanding of the underlying causes of the disease and identifying groups that were at risk.
With large clients like Johnson & Johnson, Aetna and National Cancer Institute, the models incorporated by GNS healthcare have proven to improve healthcare, reduce costs, and maximize the impact of its solutions. “Precision medicine, powered by big data analytics, is bringing a new level of accountability to care management,” says Hill. “Whether it’s the choice of a therapeutic medication, a conversation with a provider, or a nudge from a health plan, it is now possible to know, in advance, the value of interventions to specific individuals. This helps achieve a positive return on population health investments,” he concludes.