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Greenway Health: Analytics to Drive Practice Efficiency and Profitability

Tee Green, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Greenway HealthTee Green, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Greenway Health
With the growing prevalence of healthcare technologies today, building healthcare analytics competencies can bring in better results through improved diagnosis and tailored treatments saving additional lives and more importantly, elevating the overall quality of patient care. Healthcare institutions are choosing solution providers wisely to avoid significant time in collating the plentiful of valuable healthcare data available from multiple systems and sources and utilizing the derivatives towards delivering better healthcare services. The key requirement is to partner with a vendor, who can provide an array of analytic tools to obtain actionable information. Carrollton, GA based Greenway Health specializes in providing healthcare solutions to successfully navigate the changing health industry and make patient-centric care more efficient, while driving revenue of the organization. “Greenway delivers solutions that support not only providers’ current needs, but constantly evolves to anticipate the challenges of the next decade of healthcare,” says Tee Green, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Greenway Health.

The company offers a suite of analytics tools that enable health care organizations to aggregate practice data and turn it into useful information. This helps practitioners serve better through valuable insights into population health resulting in a more efficient medical practice system and patient care. Greenway’s Prime Suite includes electronic health record (EHR), which has all the key information including the administrative clinical data, which can be analyzed to provide patients with better care. The solution is customizable empowering healthcare providers and administrators to document encounters, bills and prepare customized reports. It also provides visibility into financial performance and practice workflows, thereby guiding clients to improve practice efficiency and profitability.

Greenway helps healthcare organizations and practitioners to increase compliance through the efficient use of analytics and reporting

Greenway helps healthcare organizations and practitioners to increase compliance through the efficient use of analytics and reporting, which pinpoint risks that might not be visible in subsidiary-level views or screening. The enterprise-level insights enable coordinated, efficient and effective care that improves health in a value-driven environment and also help teams to focus on areas of particular risk and prioritize resources for better results. Additionally, the firm offers an information sharing platform that securely connects healthcare IT systems to improve visibility into patients’ progress, treatments and medical history allowing data exchange between organizations. This is critical in delivering quality patient care and is made possible through rapid deployment of interfaces with organizations connected to Greenway Exchange, a secure, trusted and interoperable health information exchange platform. Furthermore, Greenway Clearinghouse Services deliver real-time visibility throughout the lifecycle assuring unprecedented visibility into financial performance and accessible insights into the status of claims.

The company’s prowess as a healthcare solution provider has helped multitude of large healthcare enterprises to efficiently analyze their business and improve their offerings in the health industry. Today, the firm partners with over 10,000 organizations and 75,000 progressive providers across more than 40 specialties. Greenway helps alleviate the pressure of many health practitioners enabling them to operate in an agile and interoperable health information technology environment.

Successfully serving the industry for the past four decades, the company is continuously investing on improving its offerings to help clients manage the ever dynamic market situations. Forging into the future, Greenway is preparing to launch several new and enhanced products and services to the market, such as population health management, clinically driven revenue cycle management services, and enhanced clearinghouse capabilities.