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GSI Health: Proactivity is the Key to Value- Based Care

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LeRoy E. Jones, Founder, President & CEO, GSI HealthLeRoy E. Jones, Founder, President & CEO, GSI Health The fundamental principle behind population health is that providers can improve the health of a population by looking past the treatment of individual issues and focusing on continual and proactive care to address tomorrow’s health problems today. That means extending care delivery beyond when people cross an organization’s threshold and analyzing and understanding the population so that you can take action to prevent health issues from occurring in the first place.

Founded in 2003, GSI Health is a leading provider of care coordination technology supporting value-based programs. GSI Health brings health plans and medical providers together with social services and behavioral health providers to address not only medical care but the non-clinical factors that can cause poor health and prevent good outcomes. What makes GSI Health unique is that its platform focuses on collaboration, enabling providers across the continuum to work together in a coordinated way to address all of a person’s needs. Better information at the point of care improves care quality because each provider has complete knowledge to apply in their context so they can make the right decisions before health issues become critical.

“Expanding clinical knowledge to behavioral and social determinants—what they are, what actions to take, and the efficacy of those actions—enables you to be proactive and address the root cause of the issue so that you can prevent that issue from happening,” said LeRoy Jones, Founder and CEO of GSI Health.

Moving from reactive treatment to proactive care will improve outcomes and positively impact your ROI

“Moving from reactive treatment to proactive care will improve outcomes and positively impact your ROI.”

Value-based care arrangements put an organization at risk for the outcomes for an entire population—so you want the most effective treatment delivered as efficiently as possible. Reactive treatment is most expensive, often addressing conditions that are more severe than they should be because they are left untreated or inadequately managed. Proactive care management programs that intervene before conditions worsen are much less costly because they enable a coordinated care team to mitigate behavioral and social determinants that left unchecked would impact individual health and total cost of care.

“You’re shortchanging your organization if your care coordination stops at reactive care management,” said Mr. Jones. “Taking the opportunity to prevent the need for care through proactive care management across the same network of providers helps you bend the cost curve and improve your bottom line.”

So how do you implement proactive care management?

Aligning segmentation with care management enables you to trigger prescriptive workflows that tackle issues with specific care management actions before they become acute. This approach enables you to proactively intervene to keep problems from manifesting while ensuring your care delivery is consistent and comprehensive.

“Analyzing the population to identify individuals in need of extraordinary attention enables you to develop a treatment plan leveraging a network of providers that work together, linking care episodes instead of treating them as single isolated events,” said Mr. Jones. “Having a care team collaborate to move an individual toward wellness and prevent reoccurrence is much more effective than requiring individuals to be compliant and get there on their own.”

The challenge is determining if those efforts were successful. GSI Health’s technology enables you to analyze not only your outcomes but also the effectiveness of your care management actions. This enables a new generation of analytics that helps you understand the impact of your care management actions on an entire population so that your processes and workflows can focus on proactive treatment rather than reactive care.

The next step in the population health journey requires more effective care management for your challenging populations. Moving from reactive treatment to proactive care with the right partner enables you to impact outcomes while reaching your financial goals.

- Alex D’souza
    November 27, 2019
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GSI Health

GSI Health

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LeRoy E. Jones, Founder, President & CEO, GSI Health

Founded in 2003, GSI Health is one of today's leading providers of care coordination tools supporting value-based programs. GSI Health identifies complex or higher risk patients and members who can benefit from more intensive care coordination, and addresses not only their medical issues, but also the behavioral and social determinants that affect patient health. By bringing various virtual care teams together, GSI Health has been assisting several states in the development of architectures and operational models for healthcare information exchange. GSI Health has provided leadership for many cutting-edge initiatives that continue to shape the healthcare industry