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GTB Technologies, Inc: Protecting PHI and Revolutionizing Compliance Requisites

For Uzi Yair, CEO of GTB Technologies, playing soccer everyday is the governing factor behind his competitive nature that helps him spearhead a team of experts in his data-loss protection business. “You are as strong as your weakest link. As it is very true in business, we strive in leveraging unique solutions to address the challenges of cyber-security in the healthcare arena,” begins Yair. In the wake of rising security breaches within the electronically stored Personal Health Information (PHI), trailing the HIPAA Security Compliance has become an imperative aspect. Based in Newport Beach, CA, GTB Technologies provides a comprehensive security system that monitors all the output transmissions from the medical sector and identifies PHI, while extending accuracy with the integration of proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms.

GTB’s core product, the GTB Data Loss Prevention (DLP) system is designed to perform real-time data classification of all outbound and inbound transmissions from the network devices, while automatically enforcing security policies. Broadly, DLP makes available endpoint security and data discovery solutions that incorporate additional contextually-aware capabilities to ensure compliance.

By infiltrating through storage devices like USB drives, advanced endpoint protection is being achieved. In addition, by incorporating an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) mechanism to the DLP software, it detects and converts data as well as images into binary forms. Thus, during a security breach attempt, the system can automatically and accurately report on the infringement by triggering contextual.

“Our solution protects data through technologies including off-premise fingerprinting, which can extract structured data on databases or unstructured data on the file,” points out Yair. Likewise, monitoring all the ports of the network in the medical system, GTB DLP is capable to report on any infringement that occurs. It is configured in such a way, where detailed HIPAA reporting and role-based options are automatically compiled to support auditing requirements of the client.

In addition, medical organizations, using cloud technology, can merge GTB DLP to encrypt end-to-end email transactions. Furthermore, prevention of Shadow IT is also functionalized by GTB DLP, strengthening the compliance strategy to become more effective. Thus, by providing real-time visibility and accurate control of content, data leaks can be reduced cost effectively.

Our solution protects data through technologies like offpremise fingerprinting, which can extract structured data on databases or unstructured data on the file

On a beneficial edge, many of GTB’s illustrious clientele have gained advantage by quashing cyber-security problems. One of their clients from the Silicon Valley, who leverages high technology solutions, was encountering security breaches prior to the implementation of GTB’s DLP system. They were also challenged with high overhead costs in maintaining the formerly installed DLP system of another company. The former DLP implementation failed to provide accurate detection and blocking capabilities. In addition, the entire system was expensive to maintain in terms of employee’s overhead, fees, and business processes over the years.

After installing GTB’s DLP cyber security software, the client experienced cost reduction up to 80 percent due to the maintenance free design and painless operations. Also, the breach of data was effectively prevented since the installation.Working with a mission to bring innovation and gain customer trust, GTB is focused on providing customizable solutions in accordance with their customers’ business portfolio. “We are looking ahead to build a technology that can digitize voice based conversations, to ensure fast compliance,” concludes Yair.