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Health Catalyst: Powering Data-Driven Care Delivery

Dan Burton, CEO, Health CatalystDan Burton, CEO, Health Catalyst A huge data deluge surrounds the healthcare sector—from patient records, conditions, co-morbidities to changes in scientific flow. Amidst the transition to value-based care, it is of utmost importance for physicians to unlock the value from the data to provide the best and financially sustainable care. However, they do not have the necessary tools or resources to reach their goals. While deploying an EHR system is one of the necessary steps towards data-driven care delivery, it is not the answer to all the physician problems. Alongside an EHR system, care providers require a platform that provides an enterprise-wide and consistent view of data from multiple sources. Health Catalyst ticks the right boxes when it comes to bridging the path to value-based care. Through its proven enterprise data warehouse and analytics platform, the company is determined to enhance financial, clinical and operational outcomes for population health and accountable care. Health Catalyst has been instrumental in empowering doctors and administrators with near real-time access to a single source of truth. Today, the company has helped enhance care quality, boost efficiency and curtail costs for numerous healthcare organizations from the largest health systems to forward-thinking physician practices.

"Our founders have applied decades of experience working at leading health systems to create a commercial grade, stress tested data platform that scales vertically and horizontally"

The company was founded by a group of healthcare veterans who realized that the existing approaches to data modeling were not as effective for healthcare data as for other industry verticals. Set out to revolutionize clinical process models using analytics, Dr. David A. Burton along with his team was successful in developing a data warehouse to handle the complexities unique to healthcare. Using late-binding architecture, Catalyst’s adaptive data model is agile, flexible, and can be implemented in a few weeks time as opposed to the months or years required by traditional approaches.

As a data-first analytics and application platform, Health Catalyst’s Data Operating System (DOS) enables healthcare providers to unlock the value of data

“Our founders have applied decades of experience working at leading health systems to create a commercial grade, stress tested data platform that scales vertically and horizontally to meet the needs of small as well as large multi-state health systems,” says Dan Burton, CEO of Health Catalyst.

Welcoming the Data-centric Future of Healthcare

The firm’s outcomes-improvement approach entails three key components—keeping current on best practices, measuring the current care provided and implementing enterprise-wide change through the adoption of their analytics system. As a data-first analytics and application platform, Health Catalyst’s Data Operating System (DOS) enables healthcare providers to unlock the value of data. The system is a combination of sophisticated analytics applications and one-of-a-kind warehousing architecture that employs a just-in-time approach to data binding to resolve the problems encountered while using traditional data warehousing methodologies. DOS offers the combined features of data warehousing, clinical data repositories and health information exchanges in a single platform.

As the data organizing function of DOS, the Health Catalyst Analytics Platform is a unique, metadata-driven ETL engine that extracts data from a hospital’s source systems. The platform then gathers it into Health Catalyst’s Late-Binding Data Warehouse, which is a revolutionary architectural model for healthcare analytics that maps the data in the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) from source systems to standardized vocabularies and business rules preparing for analytics. “The rapidly deployable Late- Binding Healthcare Data Warehousing Platform serves as the cornerstone for the entire range of Health Catalyst applications,” delineates Burton. Health Catalyst’s Late Binding Data Warehousing and Analytics Platform has allowed their existing customers to substantiate millions of dollars in cost savings along with major improvements in life-saving quality improvements.

The data can then be viewed in the form of interactive visualizations allowing decision makers to deliver specific, actionable interventions in patient safety, quality and waste reduction. Health Catalyst’s DOS helps to optimize a healthcare organization’s current environment and scale it to meet future needs using analytics.

Health Catalyst in Action

With patients using online provider reviews to make care decisions, increased transparency has turned out to be a crucial element for the hospitals to incorporate while developing strategies that address patient satisfaction. In one of the instances, Health Catalyst helped Orlando Health, not for profit healthcare network consisting of eight hospitals and 50 clinics. The client transitioned from its legacy data warehousing solution to Health Catalyst analytics platform and DOS to achieve a single source of truth across the organization by integrating business and clinical data. Resultantly, the client was able to increase adoption as customers realized the ease of access, timeliness and improved analytics.

With Burton at its helm, Health Catalyst has recently launched Patient Safety Monitor Suite: Surveillance Module. The solution is an industry first in patient safety application to use predictive and text analytics combined with clinician review of data to predict and prevent threats to patient safety. Built on the company’s established DOS, the new Surveillance Module is a testimony to Health Catalyst’s aim to enhance patient safety at hospitals. Staying true to its mission to optimize care delivery for patients, the company will continue empowering healthcare organizations with forwarding looking solutions to thrive in the evolving landscape.

- Khyati Dubal
    August 07, 2018