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Health Performance Specialists: Empowering Successful Medical Practices with Analytics

Chris Pittman, Managing Director, Health Performance SpecialistsChris Pittman, Managing Director, Health Performance Specialists
It would be an understatement to say that physicians face challenges during their day-to-day operations. While juggling between the management of an independent practice and providing optimal care, they are simultaneously expected to enhance the way they function. In the face of disruptive changes in healthcare, practitioners struggle to maintain an even flow of revenue. Establishing and operating a medical facility without substantial prerequisite knowledge of the business aspects can lead to an adverse effect on the primary functions such as HR, marketing, and patient outcome. It’s safe to say that physicians need expert guidance to navigate their way through potential roadblocks to grow their business. Having acquired prowess in the field of practice management, Health Performance Specialists is a company that empowers physicians to achieve their business goals. They assist doctors by providing analytical insights that shape the business architecture in the most profitable way.

Being on the frontlines of medical economics, health information technology, and healthcare politics, Chris Pittman, MD, DABR, FACPh, CEO of the company, offers his insights on the management of the medical staff, patient care, patient experience, and patient outcomes. Meanwhile, Health Performance Specialists’ COO, Douglass Pace has expertise in the domains of design thinking, business intelligence, and strategic marketing. When united, both work toward assisting practices in keeping up with the futuristic demands of the healthcare space and being successful at the same.

Whether it’s marketing, patient outcomes, AP and AR, or business operations, the physician-led firm’s primary objective is to optimize the potential of a practice by analyzing various aspects within the same.

Another core service of the company is to help doctors save a significant percentage of their device and supply cost by creating a GPO through affiliate partnerships with medical device companies. Health Performance Specialists’ passion for guiding struggling physicians stems from their determination to help independent doctors maintain their independence. Pittman emphasizes that generating a world-class experience for the patient is highly essential. Among a plethora of medical practice consultants available in the market today, Health Performance Specialists stands out because of their physician-led team of experts.

We provide an alternative to independent doctors who want to remain in private practice or who are considering selling their practices or becoming an employee

With the help of analytics and historical data, the company determines their clients’ existing position and the areas that need optimization. In a recent case, a particular practice faced issues with the number of leads they were generating which was not enough for further development, plus the AR was far too high for the firm’s size. With the application of Health Performance Specialist’s analytical insights, the revenue of the company shot up, and there were vast improvements in their value-based approach.

The company has reserved a sweet spot for itself in the venous and lymphatic medicine space. By implementing savings on the use of supplies and devices through the GPO, the company subsidizes service fees charged to clients. To hasten the process of aggregating data in venous and lymphatic medicine, a platform is provided by Health Performance Specialists, which can perform the task on a national level in a short period of time.

The company is currently strengthening its independent physician network by expanding throughout the country, including Indiana, Texas, Ohio, Virginia, and California. According to Doug, understanding the differences in medical practices across the country can lead to delivering an improved customer experience. At the same time, reimbursement in medicine is also steadily moving from fee-for-service toward fee-for-value, which will benefit companies that offer quality healthcare services at a reasonable cost. “We provide an alternative to independent doctors who want to remain in private practice or who are considering selling their practices or becoming an employee,” concludes Doug.

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Health Performance Specialists

Tampa, FL

Chris Pittman, Managing Director and Douglass Pace, COO, Health Performance Specialists

Health Performance Specialists, LLC, is a physician-led Management Services Organization that empowers a network of independent physicians to compete, succeed, and thrive. The company provides industry-leading services to aligned network physicians who positively benefit together, along with the patients. Their services include marketing and advertising, insurance and authorizations, practice operations, staffing and retention, practice intelligence, EMR, and Software. Their innovative practice management tools, along with patient engagement, experience, and satisfaction solutions, drive the network physicians to reach their business practice goals. The clients are benefitted through data-driven results, financial performance, group purchasing, while remaining independent