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Health Security Solutions: Fortifying Healthcare Data and Streamlining Compliance

Steve Spearman, Founder & Chief Security  Consultant, Health Security SolutionsSteve Spearman, Founder & Chief Security Consultant, Health Security Solutions
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) Act came into being in 1996. Healthcare organizations had sidelined HIPAA compliance since its inception, due to relaxed Protected Health Information (PHI) rules. However, recent enforcement of federal compliances has pushed healthcare organizations to overhaul privacy, security and other compliance-related concerns. Health Security Solutions provides dedicated solutions, consulting and training services that negate any confusion surrounding HIPAA and other similar standards. “The combined expertise in compliance standards and technology security secures patient data unconditionally,” states Steve Spearman, Founder and Chief Security Consultant of Health Security Solutions.

Since Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act was constituted, adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) has received stimulus. Primarily, Health Security Solutions optimizes and secures the colossal digital health information generated due to EHRs, and ensures Meaningful Use requirements are met. The core Meaningful Use requirement calls for a complete review of the privacy and security of patient information stored in all healthcare organizations’ EHR systems. Streamlining compliance concerns and ensuring that requirements are met in order to receive governmental incentives, Health Security Solutions delivers Meaningful Use Security Risk Analysis and Assessment services. This risk analysis process offered by the company provides clinics with an organized approach towards meeting updated compliance requirements. Besides ensuring qualification into Medicare or Medicaid incentive programs, Health Security Solutions equips practices with tools and policies in meeting Office for Civil Rights (OCR) and other audit protocols.

Risk Analysis in a Box is tailored specifically for vendors and healthcare enterprises, and is the centerpiece solution of the company. Designed specifically for smaller clinics, Risk Analysis in a Box Lite offers equally powerful risk analysis and assessment solutions for a one-two physician practice that have fewer than 20 onsite computers. The theft of critical medical identity is a serious threat in the face of rising internal HIPAA violations.

Health Security Solutions recognizes the lack of awareness regarding HIPAA violations, and offers the HIPAA Security Training and Awareness program to members of organizations’ workforce. In addition, HIPAA requires thorough security and awareness training for employees who oversee Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). “The composite, yet simplified training program instills awareness in employees; and compliance to federal standards is a direct result of that awareness,” asserts Spearman.

The simplification of Meaningful Use attestation and HIPAA/HITECH compliances is the need of the hour. Combining technology solutions with established prowess in healthcare expertise, Health Security Solutions dispenses simplified health IT consulting services. An orderly step-by-step approach covers each rung of compliance—right from planning to ongoing management. Financial and legislative penalties levied as a result of compliance mismatch and medical identity theft drastically affect organizations’ businesses.

Health Security Solutions provides specialized remote penetration testing options that go a long way in weeding out vulnerabilities due to recurring routine rounds of testing. Following the recent spate of healthcare data breaches and using the risk-based approach, penetration testing service identifies gaps between a healthcare organization and HIPAA protocols; to deliver cost-effective recommendations that mitigate and remedy pinpointed problem areas.

The composite, yet simple training program instills awareness in employees; and compliance to federal standards is a direct result of that awareness

Health Security Solutions, besides providing security risk analysis services, also provisions the Meaningful Use Audit Program that satisfies HIPAA, HITECH and Meaningful Use requirements and assures compliance during federal audits. Structuring healthcare data components and corresponding authorizations are mandatory in order to stay clear of extensive federal scrutiny.

Currently 20 percent of all reported data breaches are due to unauthorized access by employees themselves. Health Security Solutions remains optimistic about the future in safeguarding and ensuring the integrity and compliance of organizational data against such potential threats.