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Healthcare Global Solutions Corporation: Progressing Healthcare to the Digital Era

Benjamin J. Iskhakov, President and CEO, Healthcare Global Solutions CorporationBenjamin J. Iskhakov, President and CEO, Healthcare Global Solutions Corporation
The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act) incentivizes medical organizations for the adoption and meaningful use of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. The digital empowerment enables patients, policymakers, medical providers, health planners, employers and consumer advocates to achieve better care and treatments at a lesser cost. However an interview-based study by the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association reports usability issues, incapability of multidisciplinary teamwork, and ineffective quality measures among most EHR solutions available in the increasingly competitive marketplace.

Addressing these challenges, New York based Healthcare Global Solutions Corporation (HGSC) offers HIPAA compliant internet based clinical solutions like EHR, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software, Medical Transcription, Medical Billing, Practice Management Services (PMS), Medical Document Management and other ancillary healthcare IT Services, to completely automate the workflow of healthcare organizations. “Healthcare is going through tremendous reformations. It has become imperative to focus, validate core practices and execute plans to align processes with the right solutions and technology to enhance performance, expand market share or increase returns on investments,” remarks Benjamin J. Ishkakov, President and CEO, HGSC.

The first step of this paperless electronic medical processing begins with HGSC’s MD Specialist—a comprehensive suite of medical software solutions which is both HIPAA and HCFA compliant. It digitizes, automates and streamlines all individual patient record documents and makes the data available and accessible for medical professionals through any internet supported device.

For the easy understanding of medical professionals, MD Specialist classifies patient data in customized forms and templates adding portability to the data which can be saved in customized and convenient format. Specialists can view data irrespective of location or time for faster informed treatments decisions. “MD Specialist helps the healthcare arena improve efficiency, access quality and cost effectiveness of new methods for creating delivery models of the future,” adds Ishkakov.

MD Specialist is transforming the medical sector with swift electronic patient data documentation eliminating antiquated requisites like prescription writing, paper processing, or unorganized records. Installation of MD Specialist makes patient information such as medical history, patient notes, treatment timelines, a single click away, thereby enabling instant informed medical decisions. MD Specialist allows sequential coordination among physicians, nurses and members of the patient‘s family with its multiple user access feature, extremely useful during critical medical emergencies. MD Specialist is a secured platform to store patient information, electronically saved documents and data can be traced back to perform advance medical research.

MD Specialist is equipped with a public health surveillance capability that alerts medical practitioners in case of a common health problem spreading across a population or specific area. The real time early warning information helps to prevent chronic disease outbreaks and also initiates rapid remedies.

Offerings of HGSC extends to healthcare organizations, healthcare law firms, medical management providers, insurance companies, medical startups and multi site urgent care companies, creating a diverse client list. HSGC as a technology partner implements EHR solutions that help to earn federal cash incentives.

HSGC addresses financial, administrative, clinical, and regulatory needs of the medical sector with advanced software and technology solutions to contribute a positive paradigm shift in their healthcare performance. “We aspire at being innovative in our work through bringing new ideas and new ways of doing business to deliver practical, reliable solution implementations for our clients,” sums Ishkakov.