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Jeff Urban, COO, HealthmarkIT ConsultingJeff Urban, COO, HealthmarkIT Consulting
HealthmarkIT Consulting is an agile organization that has garnered the status of a “go-to” partner when it comes to experts to help healthcare providers achieve their IT goals. With an “under promise and over deliver,” mentality, the company has established compelling boundaries between themselves and their competitors. HealthmarkIT’s services come into play more in today’s environment where various healthcare providers are implementing and upgrading their Electronic Medical Records (EMR). These healthcare providers directly utilize HealthmarkIT to optimize and perform improvements in an attempt to reap the benefits of their investments, while allowing the internal staff to focus on the enormous capabilities of these systems. HealthmarkIT handles the process of employing highly experienced seasoned professionals as healthcare medical providers that have the knowledge and passion for working in their field and fulfill their objectives successfully. These professionals have an experience level that allows them to see the overall picture, and can understand how changes in one aspect will impact another area of the EMR and thus the hospital. “We understand the requirements of our clients and provide the right consultants that match their expectations. We establish a transparent relationship with our clients, and don’t just ‘toss resumes to them’ to see what sticks,” states Mark Fangman, Co-Founder and CEO of HealthmarkIT Consulting. “We value our consultants and treat them as family. We become an advocate for them throughout their careers, unlike many of our competitors," says Jeff Urban, Co-Founder and COO of HealthmarkIT. “We are challenging the current state of the consultant and consulting firm relationship and have removed the transactional nature of it. We truly care about their success.”

Mark and Jeff’s years of rich experience in the industry has enabled them to have a network of talented professionals that they are in consistent communication with.

Mark Fangman, CEO, HealthmarkIT ConsultingMark Fangman, CEO, HealthmarkIT Consulting
HealthmarkIT understands the needs of their clients and handles the process of finding the right experts for the job in a very short span of time. The consultants provided consist of builders, project managers, and trainers who are qualified, have worked in the industry for many years, and understand the healthcare environment by being clinically trained whenever possible. These experts don’t just know their piece, but also have the ability, when necessary, to bring an overall vantage point of what and why one process works over another. HealthmarkIT brings in the right level of talent that can build the EMR system from its current state, manage those that are building it, optimize the EMR system in the best possible way or work in a legacy system to free up internal staff to learn a new system or expand the capabilities of the current one. The systems mainly focused on are Cerner, Epic, McKesson, Meditech, and ERP systems. This “highly communicative process” proved true when a healthcare provider utilizing Cerner needed an experienced consultant for help with issues they were having with their orders and PowerForms. Having contacted the current consulting companies they were using, they had not found a single qualified individual in nearly two weeks. Once contacted, HealthmarkIT rose to the occasion by submitting two qualified individuals in six hours that were interviewed by the client the next day. While there was only one need, both candidates were selected, and started on the project the next Monday.

HealthmarkIT is not only focused on its current clients but also on the lookout for the latest trends in the marketplace and respond quickly to them with efficiency. “In an industry that has been witnessing many mergers and acquisitions, the personal side has been evaporated. We are happy to have come and done it our way and grown with every passing year,” says Fangman. “Our goal is to continue our steady growth, while maintaining our culture. We want to do it our way, with a consistent persistence, with an underlying focus on culture,” concludes Urban.