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HeartToHeart Network: Shared-Care for Remote Health Management

Dr. John Lewington, VP of Global Business, HeartToHeart NetworkDr. John Lewington, VP of Global Business, HeartToHeart Network
The need for patients to visit doctors multiple times increases treatment costs manifold. This has led to the popularity of home-based care models such as Remote Health Management (RHM) to achieve desired outcomes without burdening patients and clinical staff. HeartToHeart Network (HToH) is at the forefront of enabling the next-gen RHM by effectively addressed a compelling need to provide state-of-art home-based care and treatment options.

Dr. John Lewington, VP, Global Business, HToH, says, “HToH has developed a disruptive platform integrating AI, cloud technologies, and strategic partnerships to engage clinicians, patients, and their families in ‘shared-care’ resulting in improved care at lower cost. Our platform is capable of connecting with patients across lifetime health journeys.”

The HToH platform includes a proprietary Neuro & Functional Predictive Analysis Framework (NFPAF), which is built upon advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT) and features a risk stratification engine, a processor, and an inference engine. Physiological data, such as blood pressure or glucose levels can be automatically collected, incorporated and analyzed in real time through Bluetooth-enabled devices, and combined with psycho-social data such as pain, dietary habits, and sleep patterns. This ‘data-rich’ environment is processed by an inference engine according to care protocols to detect trends and deviations from standard health patterns noticed in the patient. This helps practitioners to understand the patient’s condition better through easily-read dashboards using the traffic signal standard (green indicates expected condition, yellow indicates the need for attention and red signifies criticality). John Fitzpatrick, VP, Business Development, mentions that the data collected by the platform can be shared between multiple care providers, even without direct interfaces, making it highly interoperable.

Our platform is capable of connecting with patients across lifetime health journeys

“We are working towards connecting our data with other systems through health information exchanges, which saves substantial time and money for our partners,” states Fitzpatrick.

Kansas City-based Children’s Mercy Hospital leveraged HToH’s platform for Cardiac High Acuity Monitoring Program (CHAMP) and subsequently received the 2017 Microsoft Health Innovation Awardfor reducing interstage mortality related to pediatric cardiac surgeries from 20 percent to zero. CHAMP connects families to their medical teams using real-time analysis of vital statistics and videos to provide alerts sensitive to condition changes while these fragile patients are at home.

In another case, HToH collaborated with the ALS Association Mid-America Chapter to address challenges of care coordination and increase quality of life by tracking disease progression, delivering effective interventions, and correlating interventions with disease progression. The learning from this project enabled HToH address the need of neuro-degenerative ailments beyond ALS, such as Alzheimer’s disease and strokes.

HToH is now expanding its shared-care model to India using the HToH platform and care coordinator managing the care of older adults or chronically sick. Regarding his own relatives in India, HToH’s CEO, Abhi Ray, says, “I feel like I’m playing an active part in my parents’ health care - even though I live in USA. The service provides peace of mind to me, knowing that my loved ones living in India will get care, when it is needed.” The same need of coordinating support between multiple sources applies to HToH’s partnerships and discussions in the UK. There, ongoing efforts are continuing to solve the problem of bed-blocking, which arise when an in-patient cannot be discharged due to lack of appropriate support at home.

With several promising ventures on its plate, HToH has the building blocks to develop approaches to personalized medicine, and intelligent patient experience.